Saturday, February 16, 2013

Caturday In the House

It is Caturday in the house of Q.  Here I am preparing for a big day.  A big day of sleeping. Hahaha!!

Mum stayed up late watching bad tv and loading the dishwasher.  Friday night fun.   This morning she got up earlish, and wandered down to the market.  Today she bought potatoes, pumpkin, corriander, onions, lemons, apples, courgettes, cucumbers, bell peppers, apricots and green beans.

Then she went to town to get her hair cut and coloured.  The day was beautiful so mum went for a walk around the shops.  She bought a tshirt on sale, and a subway roll for her lunch, and as a treat a tropical fruit smoothie.  She then headed home to keep me company.  A nice hour reading in the sunshine made mum sleepy so a little nap was in order.  There was lots of chicken risotto  leftover, so mum had that for her dinner and I had my feast.

So a lovely quiet day here Q headquaters.  Mum has the washing machine going and is doing chores while the tv is on tonight and I am napping on the bed.    We hope you all have a lovely day, do something that makes you smile and get some time to put your feet up.



  1. aww Poppy q looks like she is sleeping on her nose.
    Love leanne

  2. I wish I could have a lazy Caturday like you, Poppy! But I am afraid my human has plans for me. Feh.

  3. We ended up going to a friend's house for supper but I'm making the Lemon Chicken Risotto tonight! And I don't know what yet, but something that involves cake for dessert! :)

    Miss Pops, I'm fairly certain our mid-day will involve a nap, too! Thanks for setting a fine example!

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  4. Poppy, your mum had a great day. :-)

    We have a long weekend here, so our human will have to get out and do something kind for her Self too. Your mum's an inspiration!

  5. Happy caturday Poppy. We are enjoying our swims in the hot weather.
    Princess Aurora (Shubunkin)

  6. What a day your Mum had.

    You look super cute napping on that blanket. Did Mum buy just to match you ?

  7. We envy you and your mum. What a great day! Our mum wishes she could walk around a town. Out here there are only strip malls of chain stores that she must drive to and mum hates to drive.
    Does your mum have her whole house decorated to set off your beautiful furs? We LOVE her coverlet and the way you look on it. Happy Caturday.

  8. I had a lovely day napping too. My mum is jealous of all the veggies you mum bought at the market. No fresh veggies here. Just winter and snow. Perfect weather for kitty naps.


  9. oh darling poppy - you looks so squishy, soft and cuddly here!!! x