Friday, February 22, 2013


Yesterday mum thought that the word calm applied to her day,  today the word has changed and is more like annoyed.   After an early bird start, mum was up at 5.30 am to get to work at 7am, she pottered around at home too long and got to work with just minutes to spare, when she likes to be early.

  Work went ok, but when mum got home she was meant to catch me to go see Dr Eve at the vets.  I kept running away from mum, over to the neighbours house.  Mum thought I was gone for good, so called the vets and said we wouldn't be able to come.  I did though sneak in at 4pm, so mum got me in the PTU, and told the vets I was coming.   They said though that we had missed the appt, mum thought it was for 4.15pm, but she was wrong.  We were meant to be there at 4pm.  So try again next week.

Then mum and I had a nap, and she woke up in a hurry, thinking she would head to the library and pick up some reserved books, but when she got up she realised it was 8pm, not 7pm.  So the washing is only starting now, mum still has to cook dinner and she will go to the library tomorrow morning.  Go mum!!

Still we are having a good night at home, have full bellies and a warm bed to sleep in, so the annoyed feelings will be forgotten quickly.


  1. Poppy, that was quite the trick, making it hard for your human to catch you until your appointment had passed! Paws up!

  2. Even with full belly and warm bed, my dad seems to get annoyed very easily. Ahh, dinner, library- all very nice things to dad.

  3. Our mom also likes the library and a good book. She tried reading to us once. We ran off for a nap.

  4. Your day sounded harried. And annoying. Today will be much better. So I have said it, so it shall be. I hope! =)

    Miss Pops, you are looking good, baby doll!

    big hugs xoxo

  5. poppy Q;

    sad lee; yur mum dinna bee leeve ewe when ewe toll her de werd burd iz ree lated with werds like annoyed, stooooooooopid, rood, noizee...

    but now her noes N hope full lee next time her thinks CALM... her will think... poppy q kneadz sum fancee feast sew eye better get two de store N get her several 100 cases at once then stop at de fresh market N pick her up a few cases of fresh flounder...

    N hay, grate eggs cape trik !!!

    rock on and we all hope ewe haza grate week oh end :)

  6. You are beautiful as always, lovely Poppy and smart moves, sweetie!!...Happy weekend, precious friend...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. Some days are more fun than others, Poppy, for kitties and mums too, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. Oh sweet poppy that was a good trick but poor mum must have been frustrated.. Have a good weekend.. Hugs J xx

  9. You missed the appointment by hiding, good for you. Mum does not like frantic days, she too likes calm.

  10. But Poppy, we were just worried about your eye and want to know that you are truly all better. Please promise that next vet day you will allow your mum to get you to the vet. I too, like to hide under the bed when the carry box comes out.
    meow, Jessica-the-cat

  11. Your vet is strict with your appointments. Some of us almost defy capture so Mum has to grab us whenever she can. Our vet will manage to work us in if we have to come in late or earlier.
    Please, sweetheart, the vet needs to check your beautiful eyes to be sure they're all better. The faster they get better, the faster your vet visits will end. Kisses and hugs.