Thursday, April 25, 2013


It's ANZAC day here today, where we thank all the Aussie and Kiwi soldiers who have served our county so well.

The mumster was thinking there were a couple of bonuses to her week of nightshift:

  •  That the day turned a bit cooler, so I came and snuggled with her during the day.
  • Cos it is autumn, it is easier for her to sleep during the day.  Sooo much harder in the summer.
  • She's not very hungry on nightshift.  A meal at 5pm after she wakes up, and a small muffin before she goes to sleep and a bit of fruit imbetween keeps her going.  Her trousers feel a bit loser which is good.
  • She gets to get up at 3pm and watch the real Housewives of NY - unbelievable how grown woman act worse than 12 year old girls.  Like a train wreck - mum can't look away.
  • She gets a chance to potter in the garden for the afternoon.  When she works during the day, it is now dark so early, by the time she gets home.
Hope you have a nice day everybuddy.


  1. Lovely bonuses Poppy, and, for you too!
    Looking sooooooo! elegant this morn'in toooooo! HeHe!
    Have a great day....x

  2. And there was a game of Australian Rules football being played in Wellington today Poppy - so your mumster could have watched that too.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. My human likes working at night too. She does it by choice.

  4. Sounds like bonuses to us, too. We especially like the one where you snuggle more. XOXO

  5. Happy ANZAC Day!

    I can't watch any of those realty-type shows. I think I'd rather poke my eyes out. srsly. Funny how we all have our passions and how different they can be!

    Enjoy the weather. Autumn is my all-time FAVE season, although we hardly get any here at the Swamp.

    big hugs xoxo

  6. I hope all your veterans and serving servicemen know how much they are appreciated. Canada's Remembrance Day is in November - in our autumn - so it's frosty for the veterans to turn out for their services, too. I wish all their comrades Down Under well on their day.

  7. poppy....thatz gottta be hard on yur mum havin ta switch frum day shift ta nite shift...N bak again...hope ewe both enjoy yur day with each other :)


  8. Hi, Cutie!
    Mom got to see an Anzac statue when she was in Australia last year.

  9. It is very nice to celebrate ANZAC day!

  10. Hello poppy we had a quiet Anzac day. Always so emotional. You are such a good girl to sit for photos.

  11. Sounds like you and mom had a great day together!

    Our mom says she can't imagine working nights. We wouldn't want her too either 'cuz we'd miss teh snuggles, MOL!

    Sami, Sasha, & Saku

  12. Poppy, where is your poppy? In Canada we were poppies on Remembrancene Day to remember our soldiers. Meow, Jessica the cat