Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wild and Mild

 Just in case you thought the mumster would be budgetising every weekend, today she blew the cobwebs off her wallet and spent some dollars on stuff.  It has been a pleasant weekend in the city, warm with a bit of wind.  Mum went out for dinner with her bestie last night, but there weren't enough middle aged lady movies scheduled,  so they decided to head home early.  Sunday was allocated for spending fun.

So, today mum headed out for a seaside walk and a spot of shopping at the Warehouse, where you can always find something to blow some bucks on.   Today mum decided to stock on some pyjama pants, the wild blue ones and mild pink owls.  Oh and bonus, the pyjama pants now have pockets in them, which mum loves, as if she slides them on after work, she still wants her keys in her pocket so she can unlock the doors.
Some new flannelette sheets to warm up the winter bed, already washed and just drying in the drier ready to put on the bed tonight.   Mum also bought a DVD and some tasty groceries, hello steak and mash for dinner, and custard and feijoas for dessert (a NZ/ South American fruit).

A couple of mums power bills were out of control last year, with the highest one being $400 (about 200 pounds or  $320 US)!!!  That was for gas and electricy, but just remember that mum lives alone, she is out at work most of the day and only every heats our small living room and bedroom.  Hopefully as the weather has been mild so far this year, the bills won't be as steep this year.

Keep warm and enjoy the end of your weekend.


  1. Hi Poppy...Lovely sunny morn'in over here in England....!x

    Those pyjamas look a bit to big for you...!!! HeHe!

    AND...Where are you...Hiding! Oh! your taking the photos to-day...Lovely!
    Don't be late for church now! :>).

  2. Oooo those owl ones are SO CUTE! Rumblemum might need to go shopping...

  3. Ditto on those owl pyjama bottoms!

    Good for your mum for treating herself; you have to do that once in a while, or what's the point?

    Our gas and electricity bills can be crazy--most of the cost is delivery and taxes, surcharges, etc. It's ridiculous. Years ago our human went on the utility company's equal payment plan, so she pays the same amount for 11 months and then either has a credit or has to pay the amount owing. She makes sure she always has a credit! It's just easier to budget, with a fixed amount each month, but your mum might not have that option, considering you don't need to heat your home like we do!

  4. Our Mom says she likes your Mum's choice of pj pants and sheets. Maybe she could be our Mom's personal shopper!
    Like Nicki and Derry's Mom, we have an equal payment plan for our utilities here, otherwise the coldest months' bills would be a terrible shock. It is still a lot each month, and she and Dad were talking the other day about being more conservative with lights and tv etc, to try to make a little difference. Apparently those small things do add up.

  5. Those truly are The Cat's Pyjamas! So cute, and lovely sheets, too.

    Poppy, did you at least get a new shopping bag to nap on out of this whole deal?!

  6. Your momma deserves those once in awhile. So is my momma. After working like crazy, she deserves some shopping time and new stuff too. Besides, they buy us foodies and treats and toys... =)

  7. Holy moly, that's a steep power bill for sure! LOVE the pocketed relaxing pants!!! You know I love me some relaxing pants!

    Have a lovely rest of the weekend ladies!

  8. Good for mum, everybody needs a treat now and then.

    Have a great Sunday Poppy & mum

    Eileen & Sasha, Sami & Saku

  9. Isn't it mild weather - lovely! Was in Wellington yesterday and it was bliss.

    Love your owl PJ's

    $400 power bill for one GASP

  10. Our mom loves to put on her PJs as soon as she gets home from work.

  11. Those look cozy! My Mommeh likes to change into her PJs after work, too.

  12. With flannel sheets and you, maybe Mom will be able to save on those heating bills. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  13. Wow, that is a lot for power. Even we don't pay that much here. Although our house has a thermostat we can program. Warmer when mum is home and awake. Cooler when it is sleepy time or she is off day hunting.