Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Late Night Reading

 Over the weekend, we spied this fabulous print by Jamie Shelman on ETSY., called Late Night Reading.  It made mum smile ear to ear, because it is like she snuck into our bedroom and sketched the mumster snuggled up and reading.  We were delighted, that she gave us permission to show you this lovely picture on our blog.
Mum is exhausted tonight and as soon as her programme is finished on the tele (my kitchen rules), she is off to bed snuggled between the flannelette sheets with me.  It is rainy outside, and it has cooled down a bit so perfect snuggly weather.  

Mum is a bit annoyed with herself, as she went to the supermarket and spent $50 on groceries and as she walked out, she realised that she had not bought any toilet paper, which is why she went there in the first place.  Oh well, luckily the one roll she has is a mega roll, and will last another day or so.


  1. I nearly never go to the store without a list. Forgetting. I has it. A lot.

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  2. We love snuggling with a book. Your print reminded us of one of the things we love best.

  3. Oh! Yes! Love the print Poppy....!x

    Toilet paper....Oh! Dear....
    Best to put toilet paper, at the very end of a shopping list....Cos! That's where it belongs....On the 'Bottom'.
    HeHe! :).

    Have a great day....Suns out over here....Three days on the trot now....Amazing!!!

  4. The print is adorable. Usually I have one or both boys wanting attention, though, as soon as I settle down and try to read.

    As for tp...that's one of the things I'm obsessive about stocking up on. LOL.

  5. Very cute, but we missed seeing your beautiful face today, darling Poppy!...Our Mommy is forgetful too, it must be a human problem=we never forget to nap, play and eat!...Hope you enjoy a lovely Tuesday, dear friend...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Love the picture--I see why your mommy loved it, too :)

    I NEVER go shopping without a list. Senility sets in so soon :(

  7. Please tell me you bought the print!? XO

  8. poppy...guess it wood knot due any good ta tell yur mum ta use de box like we due huh....

    we tried tellin R mom her could cut back on toy let paper if her wood share R box....

    we just getted

    ...a look....


  9. What a delightful picture. We look forward to snuggling down in bed with a good book at the en of the day too.
    Your mum should not feel bad. My mum takes a list with her but still forgets things.

    Meow, Jessica

  10. That is a great print!

    I'm with Barb...no list and I forget what is most important, drives me crazy. I've become a list maker at home, at work, even on vacation.

    Darn menopause memory! Or is it brain overload?

  11. A list does me no good! I forget to take it with me. When I am at one market and they do not have every thing I want, I make a list in an email and send to myself so when I get to the second store, I know what I needed!

  12. We always keep one week ahead on our toilet rolls. What would happen if mum got a stomach bug and couldn't get out? Not a pretty thought. Not a pretty thought at all!

    That print is adorable! Looks like our house too!