Friday, April 12, 2013

Caturday Eve

Mum was on call last night.  She got called in at 11pm - 1am and again at 3.30- 5.45 am, but she feels quite rested even with only getting some sleep between 1.30 and 3am, and 6.30-10.30am.  Then she got up and showered, went back to work to drop the phone off and get the groceries.

Dinner of  pasta. salad and garlic bread for mum and her bestie, and then they went to see Sue Nicholson, a local psychic at her show at the dance centre.  They enjoyed it very much, as Sue was very entertaining, and even though the girls didn't get a reading, they loved hearing other peoples.

At the end one lady asked Sue if her and her cat were soul mates?  And NO - it was not mum who asked!!!!  Sue said that animals reincarnated as animals, not people, but they may have been cat and owner in a previous life.

Hope you are all enjoying a nice Caturday Eve,  preparing yourself for another fabulous weekend.


  1. Hi! Poppy....Pussy-cats are already psychic...! No need for any lessons..
    I remember a film back in 1977...Called 'Uncanny'. Look out for it....Four stories of pussy-cats....
    And, their special powers...Stars Peter Cushing..Master of horror..!x
    (Don't watch it alone though).

  2. Hmmm, our human knows of some humans who ought to come back as slugs.

    Seems like your mum had a great day, in spite of the interrupted sleep!

    BTW, our human always says she wants to come back as a Canada Goose. They have wonderful social bonds, mate (socially, not necessarily biologically) for life, and if one goes down, the other goes down with it and stays with it until it can fly again or it passes. That's more than can be said of a lot of humans!

    Have a terrific weekend!

  3. I can understand the entertainment value but honestly, I don't believe one bit of the psychic stuff. But that's just me. However, I've also watched LOTS of TV shows and moving with psychics and loved them! =)

    Have a restful, lovely day, ladies!

    PS. Dad is coming home today! YAY!

  4. poppy q...stuffz lookin good at chez q...spesh a lee that gal on de picnik table


    want we shuld bring over sum snaks for a picnic case yur mom gets called on call again...

    we can stuff into a basket sum: flounder, ham samiches, pizza pies, friez, salmon, perch, sea bass, trout, cake, pork chops, sghettti, trout and sum cat nip just coz

    hope ewe haza grate week oh end !

  5. I agree about us kitties already being psychic - it is not a rarity, like it is with humans!

  6. You have a wonderful weekend too.

  7. Glad to hear you and your mom are having a good week, even though your mom has to work at odd hours. Hope your weekend is good.