Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fall Back

Daylights Savings finished today, it was nice to get another hours sleep.  Mum sure needed it.

We think we can kiss goodbye to our sunshine.  Clouds and cold arrived.  The heater has been on, and Gdad said that it said on the news, that today was the coldest day since November.  I have found the perfect place to snuggle though, the spot where mum left the bed, while it was still warm.

Work is over for my mum tonight, so she is on the couch watching The Sapphires on DVD.  What a good movie, a good Sunday night treat.  That and two candy bars.  Mum says no candy bars tomorrow, til next weekend.  Bad, bad hormonal mum.

Sweet dreams everybuddy.


  1. I was tricked by daylight saving finished !
    I woke up like every day I do and I get lock in early !..pretty tricky today.
    Have a great Sunday, Miss Poppy and Mommy

  2. I pull my covers up at night to TRY to keep gray furs off of the sheets. TRY. Sometimes they burrow under despite my efforts!

    Have a candy bar for me! Have a lovely day, ladies!

  3. Ah! are you sure this is just 'pillow' talk' HeHe!
    The sun has been out over here in England for a few days now.
    This morn'in l've been sat out on the patio, sharing a saucer of milk with my friend Flossy. She lives two doors up the road, and is a regular visitor...!x

  4. We love the spot that Mommy leaves warm. It's the best spot in the house, wherever it is. Have a great week and stay warm. XXOO

  5. The Sapphires was good aye - we enjoyed it.

    It was COLD here yesterday - coldest day since Nov ah good to know so thank ggdad for us.

    Have a good week
    Love Leanne

  6. Poppy, nothing beats a cozy ,warm spot left by Mom and an extra hour in which to enjoy it too :)
    Sweet dreams.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  7. We've "sprung" forward for Spring, but it's still freezing outside.
    Mom's bed is still my favorite spot.

  8. Still waiting for the cold days, but the nights are getting chilly. A great place to stay warm poppy Q the bed!

  9. Nice to get some extra sleeps. We are slowly getting to nice spring weather.