Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Middle Aged Ladyday

 Today was mums day off - or as she likes to think of it  Monday Middle Aged Ladyday.  Because she worked all weekend, she decided that she would head out to town, after a little lie in and finishing reading her book.  A few chores were done at home, washing, drying, folding and gardening.  A quick shower, and then mum headed off.  First stop was at the market to get some olive oil.  She likes this brand Two Short Dogs.  So she got the plain oil and the lemon infused  stuff.  Yumm - for her.
Nest stop was lady shopping.  She liked the look of the necklace first, nice resin beads that will go with the winter clothes.  Two new scarves as well, nice snuggly acrylic, one in mustard and the other in a grey with gold flecks.  Mum has  a few black scarves from the past few years, so these will be nice additions.

Then mum went to Sweet Mamas Kitchen, a Wellington institution had a  tasty Chicken Buritto.  MMM mm.

Last stop on the whirlwind tour, was to go and see Hyde Park on Hudson at the movies.   Mum enjoyed it 4/5, and kept her middle aged lady status by taking in a few boiled sweets.  Go mum!!!

So home now.  She has put the last load in the dryer,loaded the dishwasher,  mowed the lawn and swept the kitchen floor.  She has fed me my fancy feast, and is going to do sausages and mash for her dinner.  She is watching some more Game of Thrones (season 2) on the DVD and relaxing and it is still only 4pm.


  1. Your Mommy has way more energy than a middle aged lady! Way to spend a great day off!

  2. Hyde Park on Hudson is on my list to see. Good to know it was good.

    Game of Thrones is my next audio book after The Aviator's Wife - man this book make me dislike characters - good story!

    Have to look out for that olive oil

  3. Well! I didn't see any treat shopping for you, Poppy, on her agenda!

  4. Seems like your mommy have a Purrfect Day !
    Good on her : )
    and I hope your day is Purrfect too, Miss Poppy : )

  5. Wow, your mum had an *awesome* day!

    Our human says every day is "middle aged ladyday" now. Ha.

  6. It sounds like it was an excellent day off. It's nice to have a free day that isn't filled with chores.

  7. poppy if yur mum buyed her olive oil frum two TALL dawgs, her wood haz twice az much, then her could fry up sum mackerull N flounder for EWE coz even after her soooper day, her STILL dinna get any thing.... for EWE !!!

    ya noe what we meen !!!

  8. Your mommy has had a busy day--I wish I could get as much accomplished by 4 p.m. :)

  9. Phew! That sounds like a lot or work for a day off! However, I do very much like your scarves!!

    And I've just ordered the DVD of the first season of Game of Thrones since I don't have HBO.

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  10. Guess our mum had a middle age lady day too. A bit of a lie in, some shopping, reading. Needs to fix some dinner soon.

  11. What a busy day for your mum (but a nice day). Mum thinks the scarves are pretty and cozy. I think they would be lovely to curl up on. Meow, Jessica the cat.

  12. Your Mom had a very busy day! those are very pretty scarves

  13. Thank you for your kind purrs to Michico, she gets better!! :)

    I can see your mom is quite busy!!