Friday, August 10, 2007

My Friday Friend

Dear Friends,

Welcome to My Friday Friend. This segment of my blog is a way of introducing you to other cool cats in the blog world. Although many of you are already familiar with these cat celebrities, it is a way for my friends and family to be introduced to all of my other cool pals.

This weeks Friday Friend is: Surprise Miss Peach - you are my Friday friend this week.

Hello Miss Peach - I hope you don't mind that mum borrowed these pictures of you from your blog. She thought these ones show off your lovlieness. Isn't she pretty. You can click to find her blog here:

Now Miss Peach is a bit of an old girl and has a bit of kidney failure but she has a lovely home with her mum and dad. She was put up for adoption at nine years old!!! But she picked a great couple of beans to go home with, as they love her lots. She lives in a charming cottage with a lovely garden.

I learnt some funny things about her on her blog. She spent last summer sleeping in paper grocery bags!! Her mom had to go and get her a new one each fortnight - funny girl. I love paper bags too!!

She doesn't like people food and gets a bit fussy. What princess cat isn't?.

She has a super cute grandbean called Cole!!! He writes her awesome letters and comes and visits.

I am very glad I have met you Miss Peach. Thanks for being my friend.

Poppy Q


  1. My sweet friend Poppy have warmed this old cats heart beyond words. From the first time I saw you....I knew you were special:) A little grey down under teddy bear kitty:) with a warm heart and a sense of adventure.
    I am so honored to be your Friday Friend. You captured my purrrrsona in a nutshell with your choices. Actually I am just a daft old mum and dad love me anyway. I have been lucky these past 6 years since they brought me to my forever home. My biggest wish is that every kitty who needs love and shelter could be as happy as I am. I am very old and some days are not so good. Mum lets me do anything I
    want, we just live one day at a time.
    Your very thankful Miss Peach who is so happy that you are my friend Poppy Q

  2. even though miss peach is older than i am, she's my little sister. i'm so glad you chose to honor her today. she's a beautiful girl with a heart of gold! we are lucky to have her in our lives!


  3. Hello Poppy Q and Miss Peach! I think that Friday Friend is a very nice thing to do. Very Sweet!!!

  4. Hello Poppy Q - what a nice blog you have! I'll be back to visit soon :-) T.

  5. Hooray for Miss Peach! She is a great Friday Friend. She is very sweet, and funny too. I like when she sleeps in a frying pan.

  6. Oh, what a beautiful feature you did about my dear sister, Peachy! She is a delightful girlcat -- lovely, talented, and so witty and fun!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  7. hehehe, Miss Peach ROCKS! I love when she sleeps in a fryin' pan, too. I wanna try that sometime!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  8. Miss Peach is an excellent furriend, I am glad she is your Friday Furriend this week!

    Oh and so sorry we haven't been to your blog for a long while. Other than vacation, we have been having problems trying to see your blog the past month. I am so happy to be able to see it today!!

    ~Donny and Marie

  9. Poppy Q, Miss Peach is an excellent friday friend. I love her too, she is so pretty and so nice. I often teleport ofur and visit her in her garden.

  10. Yes Miss Peach is a very lovely sweet kitty :)

  11. I love Miss Peach too, she is very pretty and feminine. I especially like the picture of her next to the pink roses. FAZ