Thursday, August 9, 2007

Stupid blogger (again!!)

Mum already wrote a post but can't get blogger to post it. It also won't rememeber spacing between paragraphs and keeps running them all together. That is why my posts look messy. It used to know what to do, and mum hasn't changed any settings - grrrrrrrrrrr !!! Now it won't add pictures !!!

Mum paid lots of moneys to get her grey hairs hidden - now she is getting more! What is wrong with grey hair mum? I am all grey - and you love me.

Poppy Q


  1. Sometimes the paragraph thing does happen to me too. Mainly when I am trying to check the layout. Just one of those things, ya gotta recheck.

  2. Poppy! I love the comment you left for Parker's chocolates! I was Laffin and Laffin about that because I want to do this too!

  3. Wouldn't you know it. The only time I complain about the paragraphs and spacing - it actually does what I instructed it to!!!

    Thanks Derby for your advice.

    Miss Peach - I am glad I made you smile!! You make me smile lots too.

  4. I hate when it messes up too.I think your gray is beautiful :)

  5. OH I KNOW! Stupid blogger wouldn't let me log on this morning - it makes me terribly angry sometimes. AND then it did the same thing when I came to see your blog right now, just froze! Grrrr!

    Oh well, I am calmer now. I was finally able to log on and visit your bloggy too : )

    Pee Ses: My Mum doesn't get grey hairs she gets white ones, I think because she has red hairs. She covers up her white ones too : )