Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy 100th post to me!! We have a winner!!

Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooooo - I has drawn a winner for my 100th post competition - it is Jade!!! Jade from Lord Jaders you are a winner. Now Jades grandpop is a bit sick, so it might be a while before we hear from her. You just send me a comment when you get back on the internet Jade and leave me a comment. I was going to put more pictures up but blogger will only let me get this one up tonight.

Thanks friends for entering my competition. You all deserve prizes!!! Sadly I didn't win a Monty Q, Doing the Q competiton, but my mum says I am a winner anyway. My favourite was Flynn with his legs pressed up on the wall. There were so many cool pictures though.

So thanks for sticking with us during our blogging hiatis - but I'm back!!!

Oh miss Millie we have been going out to see the lunar eclipse. It was very pretty having a blood red moon and we could see it directly over our house. Mum likes to look into the sky as well. She has told me she has seen the space shuttle and Haileys comet as well as lots of eclipses (of course not looking directly at the sun during eclipses).

Me - I am more interested in birdies, mousies, bugs, spiders and ham.



  1. Hi Poppy Q! Welcome back. Um...did you say something about ham?? That's one of my favorite things.


    P.S. Congratz to Jade for winning the contest!

  2. Hi Poppy Q we're glad to see yoo back cuz we missed yoo.
    Concatyoolayshuns to Jade furr being the winner. Fanks furr saying yoo liked my Full Monty the best.
    Purrrrrrrs Flynn

  3. Hooray for Jade! Guess what? One of my votes went to Flynn with his feet against the wall, too.

  4. Oh for pete's sake, Monty. Buck up and stop crying...

  5. Thanks guys - you made me and my mum laugh before breakfast. We missed you all too!!

  6. Poppy Q, you are just so cute sitting on the bed.

    WOW 100 posts, that is quite alot -Concatulations!

  7. Congratulations to Jade for winning your 100th post contest. We hope her grandpa is feeling better real soon. Mr. Chen didn't win anything in the Monty Q. contest either but mommy and daddy keep telling him, he's a winner too and can keep working on it for next year.

    Mr. Chen & Ollie

  8. What a great picture of you, Poppy Q! Congrats to Jade!

  9. Hi Poppy. Nice to meet you. You are a furry cute poodin!

    Purrs, Ashley