Thursday, August 30, 2007

Meet my winner!! + some sad news

This is my 100th post mega winner Jade from

Jade is verrrrrrrrrrrry excited to win my prize. I bet you are!! We are not going to tell you what you have won yet!! You have to wait for your surprise! How exciting.

Now Just a wee note to our catblogging friends. Don't forget about the raffle that darling Millie is doing. Only a day to put your monies in and buy raffle tickets for a special Bizzy for Gizzy quilt. My mum let me have some monies and I spent all my holiday money on 5 tickets!! The monies is used to help Monty Q's baby bean who got burnt in an accident. So her fambly have to pay all the hospital bills. I dare you all to buy some tickets and show the love to Monty Q.

I hope I win though, that quilt is mine!!

Wow - the darling millie enterprise is getting bigger. I hope you is the CEO Millie and gets an expense account.

My friend Fazzie told me some sad news today. Oscar the puppy cat died. I loved Oscar.
He was a nice gentle cat who looked after his fambly, especially his boybean who has been sick. In fact boybean and mumbean have been away from the family at the hospital when poor Oscar died. Faz said they thought he might have eaten something with some poison on it. Me and my mum are very sad for him and his family. Oscar was one of the first cats to come and say hello to us and we shall miss him. I know he has gone to be a cat angel, bye bye Oscar.
On some cheerier news: I liked to hear about the rich American lady who left her dog $10 million and her sons only $5million each. hahahaha!!! There is a moral in that, always be nice to your mum (especially if she is rich, but even if she isn't).
Poppy Q


  1. Lord Jaders lives with me...honest. ;)

  2. I am still very sad about Oscar. It was so sudden, it is very hard to believe.

  3. Ha, ha, ha Monty Q - that is funny!

    Oscar the Puppy Cat was one of the first cats I met on the blogosphere and I will miss him so mutch!

    Poppy Q - you shouldn't have bought those tickets for the Gizzy Quilt, you aren't going to win - the Quilt is MINE!

  4. Fanks fur all da news Poppy Q! We feels bad bout Oscar. We hope it wuzn't poison. Dat duzn't say a lot about how well people treat each other.

  5. It was really hard to lose Oscar. I'm still crying about it. He was a good friend.

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