Tuesday, August 14, 2007

100th post competition - final days!!

Wow you guys are good at entering my competition. So far I have over seventy kittycat names in the draw.

In case you didn't know I am having a 100th post competition. You can enter anytime before the 100th post.

  • How do I enter? Just leave your name in my chatbox or comments letting me know who you are!! That's it. You don't have to guess what day or time it will be, or pay me with ham to enter. Just your name - You have to be a cat blogger though!!
  • How many times can I enter? Just the once. However if you have two or more cats in your household, each cat can enter. So Kimo and Sabi have two entries.
  • What do I win? Why you will win a collection of kitty goodies that will be sent to you through the magic of the postal service. Your bean may also get a wee treat.
  • This rule is for My friend MONTY Q - You can only enter the competition once my lovely brother (from another mother).

I think you are the only cat in your house and although you may sound like a herd of marauding elephants ,as you chase your beans around, I think you are the only cat there. So I think that there are not three hundred and one other cats at your address - but we can fix that. I have rung the local SPCA and for a sizable donation, and an inspection of your premises (at your cost), they will be happy to send an inspector to America and provide you with an instant family of three hundred and one brothers and sisters. I hope your beans have a super king sized bed, a large pantry and take great pleasure in emptying kitty litter. Please advise if we should proceed with immediate adoption plans!!

Actually, good luck to Monty Q and all the other cats who have entered. There is still time to enter as we are only at post number 96!!

I hope you are all having a great week. It is much cooler here today but our days are getting longer, so we know that spring will be back again soon. I know a lot of you will be pleased to have the return of cooler weather. You can have it back, we have had enough of the cold.

Poppy Q


  1. We didn't know yoo wuz having a 100th Post compytishun cuz we hafn't been aybull to do so much visiting lately. Since the beans came home we haf been haffing bad conneckshun problems. Mum has been calling A-O-Hell lots of bad werds.
    Can we enter bofe of us on one comment or do we haf to do two sepprit comments? We're glad yer summer is coming. Ours lasted about 8 days this year:( We had good weather in April and then it rained efurr since except furr the furrst few days of August, and now it's raining again.

  2. Poppy, you can have some of my degrees! Then you will be warmer and I will be cooler. Sharing is good.

  3. Hey - we'll take that cold weather - send it over!

  4. We am going to be so envious of yoo when you has da nice weather and we are all boo hooing wif dat cold yucky white stuff.

  5. hi there poppy q! i'm glad you've had so many entries for your 100th post contest. contests are fun!

    mom's spent the whole evening working on the Sweet 16s family reunion.

    ben fuzz
    lucy fur

  6. Please don't forget to include me Poppy Q. FAZ