Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Thinking Tuesday

I was just lying here on bed and thinking about you all.

I was especially thinking about Monty Q - his family are busy looking after their lovely babybean who has been burnt in an accident. I hope she gets better at the hospital soon. Cuddles to you and your family Monty Q.

I have been thinking about pussy cats who don't have families. Tonight our local paper had a nice wee ad for the SPCA. It asked if any loving family could give a home to these kitty cats who have been in the shelter for over a year. The paper has a huge ad every Saturday introducing homeless cats, dogs and rabbits. It is almost mums favourite piece of the paper - after the death column and the soduku (don't ask).
I am thinking about the not of my species friend. I love the idea. But I don't really know any doggie/llama/giraffe bloggers out there. Does anyone want to be my not-a-cat friend?
Poppy Q


  1. I am praying for MontyQ's Babybean.

    It is sad that there are so many animals out there who don't have wonderful Forever Homes. I wish we could adopt some, but sadly my dad is very allergic to all cats, except for Sphynx.

  2. I also worry about Babybeans, hope they will be ok /_\.

  3. My Mommie volunteers at a no-kill cat rescue shelter, and she says it is very sad when there are cats who never get adopted, even after many months. Sometimes it is hard to understand why a cat does not get adopted. My Mommie likes to spend extra time with those cats. And they are so grateful for any attention.

  4. Dat is a nice kyoot picshure of you. Yur eyes look so happy there.
    It's hard not to want to adopt efurry cat we see too. We finks when da vibrations match up den da peoples and da kitties get together.

  5. Poppy Q it is so nice of you to think about other cats that are not as fortunate as we are. I wish all animals could have furrever homes!

  6. We are purraying furr MontyQ's babybean too. We wish all kitties had lovely furrefurr homes too.

  7. WE are always sad and worried about the kitties that do not have homes.
    they have such a terrible life and no one to love them. Sometimes my mommie wants to have a hundred cats, but I would probably start peeing on things again like that last time.... so long ago...

    We hope Montyq's baby gets all better

  8. we're purring for montyq's babybean. we heard she's a little better. mom says it's going to be hard for a long time. so we'll keep purring.

    if we find any interesting non-kitty blogs, we'll share, ok?

    ben fuzz
    lucy fur