Monday, August 13, 2007

What time do you wake up?

This is me in my igloo as a baby.
I have been very interested reading other cats blogs at the weekend. Lots of you seem to wake your beans up verrrrrrrrrrry early in the morning.

My mum told me when I came home with her as a kitten, that early morning wake up calls were unacceptable, and she had watched too much supernanny to let that happen.

So the first week - I had to sleep in another room in my little cat igloo.

Second week - allowed on mums bed with mum. But, if I didn't settle down she would take me back to the other room and tuck me into my igloo.

Third week on - keep up the second week rules.

by the sixth week - all sorted.

Now I usually head off to bed at 8pm after playing with mum for the evening. Because it is winter she put the electric blanket on for me. That usually gives me three hours before she comes to bed to steal it. Then I usuall sulkily climb between her knees to get some warmth. I only then stay there for about twenty minutes. Then I do a last minute biscuit inspection, then sit in the lounge waiting til mum falls asleep (I can hear her snore!!).
Once she is asleep, then I run back in and climb up on the bed and snuggle in beside her belly. She wakes up and I am always there. I only get up after she is awake!!! I stay all night beside her and don't play thundering elephants or beg for food.
What time do you wake your beans up?
Poppy Q


  1. Dad gets up at 4:30 and mom used to hafta get up at 5 am so we'z used to dat skedjool. So, we get mom up at five am seven days a week! during the week she feeds us, packs dad's lunch, sends him off to work and then cleans up and works on a project. On weekends she gets up and feeds us den goes back to sleep. Hey, she set da skedjool way back when we were young.

  2. You looked so cute in that igloo! We always start to wake up our Food Lady between 5:30 am and 6:00 am. Usually she gets up right away but sometimes we have to become more insistent. We get very anxious about breakfast time if she doesn't hurry.

    Purrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  3. poppy q, that's a great plan! i'm glad your mom watched super nanny to know how to help you learn.

    i usually climb on mom and that wakes her up. if she's left crunchies, i let her sleep until about 6. if she didn't leave crunchies, i wake her as early as 3. even though she wakes up, that doesn't mean she gives me what i want. sigh

    please come to the sweet 16s family reunion next weekend! it's for EVERYBODY...not just the 16s or the grasshoppers!

  4. Had Silky & I the freedom to do so, it would be around 5:00 a.m. However, Silky & I are banished from the bedroom at night because Dad's allergic to her. Ninna sleeps with Mom but she sleeps as long as Mom does.

  5. My Mommie gets up very early, usually around 4:30 or 5:00 am, so I get up then too. She has to move me away to get out of bed!

  6. We wayke Meowmie up at breakfast time of course! Or "going outside time" if we're not hungry. Muffin likes to chitter up da hallway whe she wants Meowmie to get up, and I lyke to rowr rowr rowr until Meowmie does what I want. Ebbie is a gud girl and waits until Meowmie is up to ask for anything.

    Luff Minxy