Thursday, August 2, 2007

Giving my brains a rest

Today I am giving my brains a rest. Boy it is tricky figuring out all that science stuff. I don't know how miss Daisy does it. I am loving her new sea monkeys experiment. When my mum was wee, she would stare adoringly at the advertisement on the back of American comic books and wonder if they really grew up to look like people. Now all that mum wonders is if the people sold millions of kits and grew rich!!

I already have a question from my friend Faz - Fazzie I will have to think about that over the weekend and get back to you!!

Today was sunny and me and my mum did some jobs. She will abandon me to go to work soon so I will have the house to myself. While we were in the garden the neighbours little cat popped over the fence. I hissed at it and had a wee fight and when my mum found me I had white furs over my face. She thinks I might have been kissing it, no mum , I was chasing it away!!
Mum says I didn't do a great job as she found neighbour cat inside!! She had to chase it home with a water bottle - it didn't like the water bottle, but neither do I! She got some pictures of the cat, and will load them later.
Of course by the time mum got the camera to take photos of me I have run off to hide under the house. You better be quicker next time mum.
Poppy q


  1. You had an intruder INSIDE? That's very rude. Ask Daisy about intruders. I'm sure she would agree with me.

  2. Science is very very hard. I been thinking about, after the Sea Monkey experiment, getting a pair of those X-ray glasses. Because I would like to see everybody's skeletons.

    I agree with Tyler. The intruder getting inside is very very very RUDE!