Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Water bowl rules.

Water bowl rules.

  • Please clean it for me every day. No dishwashing liquid, just a quick rinse in the sink.

  • Please fill it with clean cold water.

  • This does not mean that I will actually drink out of it. If I choose I will prefer to drink out of the tap in the bath apuddle outside, or out of the old rubbish bin in the garden, that has rainwater in it.
  • I will not drink out of it, if one of my biscuits happens to jump in it.
  • I reserve the right to push it around the rug, and tip it upside down when I want to.
  • If you put your glass of water on the ground - it is mine. You better warn the visitors!!
  • If the bowl is empty - I will rouw, rouw, rouw at you til you come over and check it.

Please pay attention to the rules!

Poppy Q


  1. You have to teach humans everything, they aren't too bright are they?

  2. Very sensible rules, Poppy Q!

  3. Hi Poppy Q,

    I love your rules especially the tipping it upside down.

  4. I like your rules, you have to show the humans who's in charge. FAZ

  5. Those are very important rules. At our house, I refuse to drink after Titus the Dawg. He always leaves drool in the bowl. And it's super gross. I sit by the water bowl and give Mom dirty looks until she rinses it out and refills it. I don't do dawg drool.

    Earl Grey