Thursday, August 16, 2007

100 th post Competition - A few extra days to enter in !!

First of all we want to say don't panic. Even though the 99th post is drawing near, we will give you a few extra days to enter. Mum has decided to have a weekend away and won't be able to let me post for a few days. That will give you extra chances to enter into my 100th post competition.
  • To enter you just have to be a cat blogger

  • Just leave your name in my chat/cat box or on the comments letting me know you would like to be in the draw.

  • That's it - your name is in the draw to win you and your bean some prizes.

  • We will draw the names on my 100th post and let you know who wins!!!

  • Thanks for taking the time to enter - so far I have 70 kitty cats names!! Wowee!

So we hope you have a good weekend while I am away. Luckily I can take my teddy and my gizzy quilt away with me, but mum says my big blue chair has to stay at home.

I will miss you all - and look forward to reading all your blogs when I get back. Oh don't forget to get your entry into the Monty Q, Doing the Q competition at . Entries close real soon - mine is in.
Also, Miss Millie at Darling Mille is having an auction of a fabulous Gizzy Quilt to help our MOnty Qs family . Monty Qs babybean got burnt, and we want to help her family pay the hospital and rescue helicopter bills. In New Zealand that kind of healthcare is usually free, but in America the families have to pay. Monty Q/Millie, I have saved some moneys in my coin jar and I will count them out real soon and buy some tickets from you.
See you all soon
Poppy Q


  1. How cute do you look in this picture, no matter how hard I try I will never be that cute Poppy Q! FAZ

  2. Oy! You need to include a warning with that Monty Q picture! MomBean wore a dent in the monitor trying to snorgle your belly.


    I thought I told you to calm down, Woman!

  3. I hope your mom has a good weekend away!

  4. I hope you two have a very nice weekend and that photo of you is adorable!!

  5. aw, that is a very adorable picture of you on your blue chair!! You have such a sweet face.

    I'm sorry your chair cant' go with you, but I'm glad you get to go with your mommy. It is nice of you to remind everyone of Monty's competition and Millie's fundraising.

    You got my name for your 100th post drawing right??

  6. I hope yur Mom is going somewhere to have lots of fun. Yoo haf lots of fun too. If yoo gets bored yoo can always telepurt ofur here. Yoo might lose some furs tho acoz it's kinda humid and hot but it should be nice fur da weekend.

  7. Oh yes, we like to be included!
    We are Karl and Anastasia from The Cat Realm.
    You look very adorable in those pictures! Oh what am I saying. You look adorable in all pictures!

  8. Poppy Q., congrats on your 100th post coming up! Hope your mommy has a fun weekend. We'd like to enter your draw if it's not too late.
    Mr. Chen & Ollie

  9. Here's one more name, if I made it in time: Luxor :)

  10. ooh - fun! we wanna enter too! here are our names:
    there. we did it! oh, and the Lady wants to cuddle you. she saw your adorable Full Monty picture.

  11. We missed you so much Poppy! You look bigger than last time we saw you but still as cute as ever!

  12. We hope yoo had a good weekend away. We haf tagged yoo furr the middle name meme. See our Post furr deetales.