Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm Back!!!

Hiya fanclub,

I'm back from the cattery. Again I got a good report card from them, but boy am I glad to be home. Me and mum missed you all - we have had a good internet break. I wasn't allowed down the stairs at the cattery, to log on and see what you had all been up to. Mum will tell you about her trip later on. This picture is of me doing my Full Monty - I am in the Monty Q competition. Unlike some of the boys who had entered, I have preserved my modesty by the careful positioning of one teddy bear. You may think it looks easy to do, but it is pretty tricky. Then your bean has to run real fast and get the camera, and keep you in the same position. Boy I am sure having a tough time deciding who to vote for!! There are some pretty funny ones and the competion is tough. (vote for me!). Great competion Monty Q http://doingtheq.blogspot.com/ .

So here we are at the 99th post - wow, I am pleased I have had something to say most days. I hope we have managed to make some cats and beans smile over that time. You sometimes wonder if anyone wants to hear about me. Thanks for all coming to visit me and for entering into my competition. Now mum has a big assignment due this week, and should be working on it now! So - she says I can leave this post up for a couple of days more, just to make sure you have all entered in.


- You must be a cat blogger to enter (or if you can borrow one from a cat friend - you can enter too)

- Just leave me your name in my cat/chatbox or in the comments ie: My name is DARLING MILLIE - Please enter me in. (don't worry Millie - of course you are entered in).

-You can win prizes for you and your bean - I will draw the lucky name at the beginning of next week!!

So thanks for entering - I have almost 80 names now!! That is still a higher chance than winning the lottery.

My mum went to Melbourne (Australia) - just for a weekend of shopping, eating out and looking around the markets. She said it was fun and lots of people watching. It is only a four hour flight from home but she had to be up very early as check-in at the airport was at 4am!!!
Although she bought a few things, she thinks the shops are all geared up for the 15-25 year olds and have so much of the same stuff. She saw an awful lot of mutton dressed as ham (sounds yummy mum!!) ,and she thinks if you ever wanted to make a lot of money, you could start a shop for more mature ladies who aren't quite ready for angora cardigans. Melbourne is full of shoe shops too, that either have 8 inch heels or super flat sloppy shoes. Funny that you actually didn't see many people wearing either of those types. Lots of the clothes look like stuff her mum and dad had on their wallpaper in the 1970s, and although Micha Barton may look ok in maternity type tops, they are not really that flattering on anybody else. Is this a worldwide trend? Do 18 year olds dictate fashion now? Lots of Paris Hilton wannabes in Australia.
Glad I don't have that trouble mum - a collar is all I need to look fashionable.
It will be fun reading all your blogs and we will let you know as the draw is about to happen.
Poppy Q


  1. WHY DID YOUR MUM SEND YOU TO THE CATTERY?? I said I would take care of you the next time she went somewhere!

  2. I'm glad that all I need to be at the top of the fashion pole is my fishy collar! I always look stunning!
    I am glad you are back!

  3. Poppy Q, you always make me smile!

  4. That cattery sounds somewhat like ... a prison! No internet???

    It's amazing how one day you're making your first post and it seems just a couple of days later you're making your 100th - no?

  5. That must have been hard with no internet! I'm glad your back home and you can blog.

    Isn't it hard to decide who to vote for in Monty Q's contest! It is going to take me awhile to decide.

    99th post - holy smokes!

  6. We're glad that you are back from the cattery. We love your Monte Q!

  7. We just loves dat Full Monty picshure of yoo. Yoo efun has a smile on yur face.
    Hee hee - da fashun seems to be bout da same ofur here. Efurryfing seems to be fur the 19-25 yr olds and women (like Mom's age) don't have too much flattering fings to pick owt of unless yoo make lots and lots of money and she just isn't in dat market. Owr big fashun statement is a nice collar and owr beautiful furs. We reely are low maintenance.

  8. WELCOME BACK! We missed you. Sounds like the clothes shopping was disappointing in Melbourne but then your Mum proably saved lots of money that way. Maybe she should come to London to visit as we've got loads and loads of big shops here but they are very, very expensive sadly (not that I have any money to spend). You and I are lucky Poppy Q - we already have our own beautiful fur coat and shoes. FAZ

  9. I'm gald your back home and that you're mum had a good time in Melborne. My bean thinks the fashions are funny this year here too.


  10. Hi Poppy,

    Thanks for the fashion news from Melbin. I agree it's best to be simply born fashionably attired!

  11. fangtastic monty q Poppy ~The Fluffy Tribe

  12. Poppy Q., we are so glad you're back. Sounds like your mum's shopping trip was a dud. Maybe she won't leave again soon and you won't have to go to the cattery.
    Warm congrats on your 100th post!! Very exciting!
    Mr. Chen & Ollie

  13. Hiya Poppy Q, Are you gonna be able to see the lunar eclipse on Monday where you are down there in NZ?