Monday, June 1, 2015

Hello June

Hello June - Welcome Winter!!!  Actually when mum walked out of work this afternoon, she had to take her jacket off as it was surprisingly warm and not the chill she was expecting.  So she enjoyed her walk home - especially as she work was almost over.  She is on call until 8am, but a quiet on call where one seldom gets called in.

I got asked if I slept under the covers?  At the moment I am strictly on top of the quilts, and I prefer to sleep not touching mum.  This is the 10-16 degree C rule.  The 1-9 degree C rule is on top of the covers but touching mum by sleeping between her knees pinning her to the bed, and making her joints seize up the next day due to stiffness.  Being between her knees also makes me out of her reach as her arms can't reach down to pat me.   The under 1 degree C rule is to cry and want her to lift the top quilt so that I can then snuggle down by her knees, or sleep beside her touching her and preferably moving her out of her warm spot.

After 7 days of 6am alarm calls mum is pleased to have a day off tomorrow to relax and take it easy, then a short work week of just 3 days work before she gets next weekend off.  Lovely.  Hope your week has started well too.


  1. HeHe! Like the old joke Poppy!x
    "Where does a 20 stone Gorilla sleep".
    "Anywhere it wants to". :).

    Weather's a bit up and down over here...Sunny,
    at the mo...Though forecast of wind and showers
    later to~night, but getting better later in the week!

  2. The weather has been crazy - while you are having a warm early winter, we are having a rather cold late spring!

  3. poppy q....we iz lookin at summer time, yet we saw de food serviss gurl putz a jacket ON two day N yesterday az well ~~~~~~ may bee we iz gonna haza NZ summer/winter time two huh !!! happee day a way frum werk for mum, hope ya both getz in sum chillaxin time & ya get ta due sum fun stuff ♥♥♥

  4. We hope the mum bean doesn't have a call out and you two have a wonderful day together before she has to go back for her short work week. Stay cozy!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. Mum sleeps on her side and I get up on her hip or lay on her lower legs. Sometimes I burrow under the covers, but not for long.

  6. Your mum works hard, Poppy, to pay your rent and buy your food. It is quite chilly here. Summer for us starts on June 21 but this is a bit of a chilly spring. I still prefer my bed over mum's bed but I like to come up on the bed to wake her up in the mornings, meow from Jessica