Friday, June 19, 2015

Feline Fun Friday

Mum went out the other weekend into the deep suburbs and found an adult colouring book, you know the one with pictures of flowers and creatures (nothing rude).  Tracking down a set of coloured pencils was more difficult.  The ones she covets most on Amazon are rather pricey, but she finally found some in the kids section of a local retail store.  As you can see I have claimed them as  mine - all mine!!

Today was rather rainy again, so mum was glad to stay in her pyjamas and have a sleep in as today hers was a midday - 8pm shift.  A visit to the supermarket keeps the fridge stocked so hopefully she can delay visiting there again til the working weeks starts up again.  She is tired but tonight she realised she was on call last weekend Fri, Sat, Sun and Monday morning.  Another lot of call on Tuesday and weds morning.  Thursday was a day off, and back on call tonight, Saturday morning, and all day Sunday til Monday morning.  All on top of  full week of work too.

So ours will be a quiet weekend.  Mum did try and sort some washing and dishes tonight so that she does not have to rush around at the weekend too much.

Hope you are all ready for the weekend - having a fun Friday too!!


  1. That is really a lot of work commitments for Mum, Poppy.

    My Mom has also been drooling over those coloring books for big people. She just can't settle on one!! Hope your Mum enjoys her coloring and that it relaxes her.

  2. Hi Poppy! Did your mom get one of the Johanna Basford coloring books? I got Enchanted Forest and bought some gel pens for coloring. Very relaxing! Hope she has fun. Send some cool air here, please! Temps have been in the 90s (f) for over a week now and it isn't even official summer yet!! Have a great weekend
    Christine, sweet pea, Oliver, Toby, and Figaro...

  3. ooooO! So hopefully tomorrow Poppy!x
    We'll see some of your artistic work....
    Just use a colour..Then paws..then use
    another colour...and so on....!:).

  4. Have a delicious weekend Poppy!

  5. Mum will have lots of fun with that coloring book! we hope the two of you have a wonderful weekend, sweet Poppy. :)

  6. You are beautiful Poppy ... LoVe that face taking possession of those new colouring pencils.

  7. Poppy, dear, we know those pencils make a delightful clicking sound but mum will be cross if any of your new musical sticks go missing. Especially the green one!