Thursday, June 4, 2015

Home bodies

So our nights are long and dark now, and we have become real home bodies.  Mum rushes home after work, although she did manage a short walk and a visit to the supermarket.  It was payday, so mum got a treat of a chicken kebab.  Run by a local Turkish family, they make theirs full of fresh vegetables and meat so mum feels it was a balanced dinner.  I had my feast - very balanced also.

Mum got another stack of books to read, as the nights are cool it is good to curl up and get an hours reading done at night.  Also as our library is getting a revamp, they are letting mum have the books for 8 weeks instead of the usual 3.  Boy does that make her happy.

Hope you are all relaxing - Friday tomorrow and mum has the weekend off - yippee!!


  1. I don't balance my food Poppy!x
    I eat it on a plate...on the table...If l balanced it,
    it would fall off the table....! HeHe! :).

    And, l don't read books either, no patience, l just
    can't sit and read, got to be doing something.
    Books! I always wait for the film to come out...!

    And, you both have a lovely weekend..Poppy!x
    you must tell us what books you'll be read as well!

  2. poppy lites hangin round heer mor N we like, noe thanx ta day lite savinz time....hope ewe N mum haza grate long week oh end...enjoy a BURD free few dayz & haz fun !!! ♥♥♥

  3. I like my food balanced. Solidly meat. That is nice of the library to lend the books for 8 weeks. My mum is always rushing to get the books back on time. Keep warm, from Jessica

  4. We thinks you have the best ideas Poppy and mum. Our mom bean says she has a three day weekend so we're looking forward to some great snuggles.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. The days are long here now, but still chilly. It is time it warmed up.