Saturday, June 6, 2015

Caturday is Here

Aww we were so glad to wake up this morning and realise it was Caturday!!  Mum slept in till 7.30am which felt like quite the luxury after some early starts this week.  Well last night I sniffed and sniffed the hottie.  Then mum put some hot water in it and I won't go near it.  So most of you guessed right - I Loathed It!!

The clouds drifted away for most of the day today, and sun even dared to shine, but it was chilly.  Mum met a friend at a cafe in Petone, where she had a nice chicken/salad roll.  Then the girls went for a walk around the main street for a bit of a stretch, as mum always likes to visit the candle shop out there.  She tries to pop in once a month to buy a couple of small candles to make the house smell nice.  Then the girls went to a movie to see Spy, which was a good bit of afternoon fun that made them smile.

Mum then got home in time to give me my feast and cook some salmon and greens for her dinner.  She started watching Vikings on the box.  2 episodes in and she is not sure whether she loves it or loathes it - has anyone else watched it?

Anyways we hope that you have all got to have some some fun on your Caturday.


  1. Poppy, dear, that's a very nice yoga pose you're making. (Now what is the name of this asana? Cat nap?)

  2. HeHe! Hot water bottle...What ever next...Run round the
    bedroom a few times...That'll warm ya feet up! :).

    And...I'm all behind to~day, l did go out earlier, busy!
    busy! Got home and my neighbour brought round two
    big bags of food. There slaughtering pigs up at the farm,
    to~day, and needed room in the deep freeze. So, they
    had a clear out...I've got Goose, venison, ducks, pheasants,
    and lots of liver and kidneys...keep me going for while, won't
    go to waste, that's for sure...!

    Viking's....No! Don't like those silly horns growing out the top of
    their heads!
    And...Yep! I'm having a fun Caturday...And, it's only 12:10...All
    afternoon to go yet...!

  3. I think a hot water bottle would be weird!

  4. Sometimes if my mum and dad come home late at night in the winter they put a microwave hot water bottle in the bed. I love it and nap on top of it so they can't get it.

  5. We thinks you have it right Poppy...we don'ts think we'd like a hot water bottle either. Better to cuddle up to the mum bean!

    Have a great weekend!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. My momma saw Spy yesterday too - she really liked it.

  7. Poppy, we're not sure we'd like the hot water bottle, either!