Monday, June 8, 2015


Mum feels like she has a touch of the Mondayitis today.  It was a steady day at work, and she was tired when she got home.  Dinner of  a feast was dished out for me, and she had soup and a bagel.  Mum and I then had a nap on the bed for an hour which was good, as mum has to be on call tonight, and is never guaranteed a night in bed.  How was the start to your week - busy or relaxing?


  1. You look lovely in the sunshine poppy!x
    I was up early, took the car to the garage...
    Need the brakes doing, walked into town,
    coffee at Costa Coffee..Wandered round the
    charity shops, bought a lemon balm plant, and
    an ivy plant. Just sitting down with a glass of
    orange juice, and dough~nut, looking at this
    lovely Blog....Oh! Oh! It's yours! HeHe! Well!
    Well! How lovely!x

  2. Poppy, dear, naps are a very effective antidote to Monday-itis, especially if one shares the bed with an expert napper such as yourself. The week ahead looks damp and busy here in the Midwest. Temps are warming, so it's flea meds time!

  3. Well, ours is just starting and it's dark and rainy. You look like you really enjoyed that sun-puddle, Poppy.

  4. Oh my... I have the Mondayitis too!

  5. Relaxing here, Poppy. I tend to enjoy Mondays. I feel like it's kind of a fresh start and all. But I realize that's not a popular sentiment. Lol. And I likely feel that way because I'm retired. I hope your Mum manages some rest.

  6. poppy food serviss gurl goes bak ta werk N itz all wayz a crazed,......we chillax & give thanx her iz outta de houz again !!! ♥♥♥♥

  7. My human ran out to have lunch with a friend, so her Monday was busy! Mine was relaxed since I didn't go with her.

  8. I'm still on holiday so it's easy for me, Poppy, though we're having a heat-wave here, so that's a bit tough on the cats. That picture makes it look like you're facing something ominous...

  9. Mum says her Monday was OK, bizzy but not overly bizzy.