Sunday, June 21, 2015

Lazy Sunday

 Today has been the laziest of days.  Mum stayed in her pyjamas til 11am, then had a shower and was only getting dressed at 1pm.  The sun was shining but as mum was on call she decided to stay home, keep warm and relax.  She watched World War Z - Brad Pitt looking older, but still fine and rather scary zombies, but a bit of a non story.  She would only rate it a 1/5.  This afternoon she watched the documentary Blackfish about Orca whales.  Really interesting, and terribly sad if you do care about animals.  Mum has never  been to a sea world to see such big whales perform and this documentary has made up her mind that she will never go to one in the future.  Worth watching.  5/5
And just to round out the weekend.  One of mums favourite pictures of me.  Looking cute and snuggly.


  1. Poppy, dear, that is a beautiful photo of you! The lighting and background are a perfect setting for your jewel-like eyes!

    It's good to have a lazy day at home. Sometimes "boring is better."

  2. You certainly look a lot more cute and snuggly than
    that Killer Whale Poppy!x
    I've never been to a sea world either, went to a circus once,
    hated it...Animals in the wild should be left alone...Humans
    messing about with their habit and with the animals, humans
    will never learn...Oh! Hate zoo's to...! Don't mind the wildlife
    parks so much but zoos....!

    Well, it's Daddy's day over here Poppy!x As it is in Canada,
    and the USA...And our summer solstice..shortest day. Day light
    for 18hrs...And it's a lovely day to! :).

  3. We agree with your mum; we think you look cute in your photo. Thank you for the movie recommendation. Mum was on a plane all day today to come home to be with me so that makes a good end to the day for us. Meow from Jessica

  4. Having a lazy day can be a good thing. Mum on the other paw was a laundry crazy this weekend.