Tuesday, June 9, 2015

She Works Hard for the Money

My main job at home is to be the linen inspector on laundry day.  I has to press out the creases on the duvet - cos this lady ain't got an iron!  I like to roll around between the quilt and make the bed making process last as long as possible.  Mum loves this grey duvet, and she was glad to find the blue version on sale at 70% off last week, so we have a winter and a summer version for our bed.  Cos that's the way we roll.

Mums main job is to make the money to pay the bills and buy the feast.  She was on call last night, and got to stay in her bed all night, but being on call kept her waking up every hour to check her phone was still working.  So tonight she is a bit tired, and with the wind whipping up outside, she is hoping to get a better sleep.

Hope you all had a lovely Tuesday!!

She works hard for the money. 
So hard for it, honey.
She works hard for the money. 
So you better treat her right.
                                      Donna Summer      


  1. ooooO! Poppy!x I just love Donna Summer...!
    Very sexy...Hope l'm aloud to say that...! :).

    Your Mum loves grey...Me! I love pink of course!
    And my bedroom is completely pink...! HeHe! As
    is my bathroom...and downstairs loo! (But that's
    another story)..Bless!

  2. Poppy, dear, you're doing an excellent job of duvet smoothing: all the worst wrinkles are relaxing before our eyes!

  3. Being on call like that sounds really hard!

  4. poppy Q...we noe ewe werk hard two while mum iz out on her day nite all hours job...sum one haz ta keep watch over de houz... rite....N like all de werk ya just did on de duvett....we iz eggs hausted just seein ya in fotoz one !!!

  5. Yeah, our mums work hard for their monies to keep us kitties in the comfort we expect.