Sunday, May 31, 2015

Silent Sunday

It was a quiet old Sunday here, as the mumster headed off to work again today.  She has her rituals the night before.  She picks her underwear and tights for the day and has them ready to throw on in the morning.  Something warm is picked out, as she likes to get changed at work into real clothes, and not wear her uniform home.  Mum has a vast array of cardis and tops, with some warm jeans and boots are her usual home uniform.  Mum hates her work uniform and is usually super pleased to discard it on days off and holidays.

Sunday night is for easy dinners - tonight was home made fish and chips with some fresh mango for pudding.  Family phone calls are made, a load of washing is out on the rack ready to be dried by the heaters and I have tucked myself off onto mums bed at 7pm.  The heater and electric blanket were turned on at 8.30pm and mum will potter round til 10pm, giving me room to stretch.  Us girls have to share the big bed now it has turned cool.  Last night of autumn.  Tomorrow is winter.


  1. Your mum is very organized, Poppy. Ours often dithers for far too long in the mornings, trying to decide what to wear, because most things just don't fit well right now (too small or too big).

    It's good to have a cuddle buddy in the cooler weather. The only thing our human likes about the fall and winter season is that she can go to bed at her normal early hour and not feel like she's missing all the daylight in the evenings. LOL.

  2. oooO! Fish and Chips...lovely!
    My next door neighbour came round yesterday evening,
    with a load of Chinese, once a month their daughter, son~
    in~Law pop up with their three children, and order meals
    for six...It's always to much, so they bring the rest round
    to me...HeHe! Enjoyed a lovely meal, watching the Copa
    del Rey...and plenty left over for tea time later...! :).
    Are'nt they kind...!

  3. Poppy, dear, your mum's planning pays off in helping her avoid annoyances! Annoyances are small things like fleas that itch where one can't scratch...

  4. We is supposed to be having warm weather but it is cool here too. Mom bean even had to turn on the heat. So we is having a quiet Sunday napping and hanging out with her.

    Stay cozy and warm Poppy and mum!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. Snuggling together on cold nights feels good. Do you go under the covers?

  6. It is great to snuggle when it is cool. We are having a very wet and cool spring. We started out the year in a drought and now are having floods. THe four biggest cities in Texas are all experiencing flooded streets! We are High and dry here, just soggy.

  7. Mum had leftover roasted beef and some taters and salad.

  8. It's been a cold and wet start to winter here too poppy. Stay inside where it's warm and dry

  9. Your mum's fish & chips and mango dessert are making my mum hungry just reading this! It is cold and rainy here too, even though it is almost summer. We hope your mum has some days off after all this work. Meow from Jessica

  10. Fish and chips... Haven't had them in a long while. Your home sounds so cosy in the cold weather, Poppy.