Monday, May 11, 2015

Middle Aged Mumster Monday

Mum says it was so nice to have a day off after a long stretch at work.  Us too had a little lie in this morning which was good, as the rain was coming down.  So a leisurely brunch on the couch for her and then mum went off for a walk to get some supplies.  She was having Miss Belle for dinner.  This is her as a wee lass, with her fab outfit, as her and mum were off to the movies.  Mum and Miss Belle had butter chicken with rice and veg for dinner and some fresh pineapple.  They sat on the couch and shared some old family photos, that made the girls smile.

Today our news was filled with some good news stories.

  • Prince Harry went to Stewart Island yesterday, the most Southern part of New Zealand.  Population 381.  Most of the island go to the pub on Sunday night, so his team the Ginger Ninjas played and they came second!  He also went to the primary school (24 students), where the kids got to ask him some awesome questions.  We all like Prince Harry - sadly Miss Belle didn't line up to meet him (or kiss him), so he won't be joining the family anytime soon.
  • After a fun run through the bush yesterday, a young mum of two was missing and search parties were out last night and this morning.  She was found this morning, and spent the night with earth piled up on her and drunk her own breast milk!!
  • Thames is now the most famous dog in New Zealand.  A police dog, he was out with his handler on a search and rescue practice in the heavy bush, when they got separated and they were unable to find him.  Constable Mike spent two more nights in the bush searching for him, and  lots of people volunteered to search without any luck.   Over the weekend, more people joined in for the final searches when one of the police came across some large paw prints, and they found him.  After a week lost he was a bit skinny but managed the four hour walk out.
The news has been doom and gloom for so long, we all welcome some good news stories with happy endings for everyone.  Hope you all have a nice Monday too.


  1. What an exciting weekend Poppy!x
    Made me chuckle....How on earth can a police
    dog get lost...Silly boy! I thought ALL police dogs
    carried maps and a compass..So they don't get
    lost! :).

    Nice photo of Miss Belle to...We all look funny when
    we were kids...Goodness! I know l did! :>).

  2. I thought I was hearing wrong when the drinking her own breast milk was on the news!! Isn't Harry a top young man, his mother would be so proud. My god daughter in Wellington called out his name and got a photo of him doing the thumbs up to her, as he declined the selfie with her, she thinks he is HOT!!

  3. Poppy, dear, that's a sweet photo of Miss Belle once-upon-a-time. No doubt your mum has some similar snaps of you as a fuzzy wuzzy kitten. Good news helps me start my mornings: that's why I usually look in on you, Poppy!

  4. Miss Belle was adorable! :-)

    Um, the drinking your own breast milk...Words fail us! We're glad she was safe (and the police dog too).

  5. I'm glad everyone who was lost returned safely. In Canada, New Zealand looks such a small country, and it may be wondered that a person could get lost. But it shows that it can happen, and one has to be careful in even the smallest areas.

  6. Thanks for the happy news items, Poppy! It was a good way for my human and I to start off our Monday.

  7. poppy IZ nice ta reed sum good mews storeez fora change....mum iz rite....thanx for sharin N de wee babe foto iz price leopard print ta boot !!! ☺☺☺ hope ewe N mum haza grate ...well, its all reddy twoz day at yur place.....heerz two a grate twooz day !! ♥♥♥

  8. Good to get some news from your end of the world, and happy news at that.

  9. Oh we just love the photo of Miss Belle! Just love her expression! What a sweetie. Poppy, we would have thought Prince Harry would be making a beeline to visit you! Meow from Jessica

  10. Happy endings rule Poppy! Sometimes they seem pretty scarce though. Glad you and Mumster shared some here! Thank you for that. :)