Saturday, May 30, 2015

Caturday Cat in Charge

Actually not many sunbeams here in the city today.  It was kind of cloudy and ready to rain, but mum liked this photo from this week of me chillaxing in the living room.  We are entering the last few days of autumn, with the start of winter on Monday so we are noticing the drops in temp.  The good thing is that rain and clouds mean the temperature is a little warmer.

I sent the mumster off to work this morning, and she said it was quite busy, she didn't get to sit round at all, and even though she started at 8am, she only got her lunch at 2pm, but it made the afternoon go quick.  Home just before the rain started.  Mum then fixed my feast - most important role of the day.  Then she made herself some wontons for dinner.  Not truly made them - masterchef way.  More like coat them in a little canola spray and put them in the airfryer.

Now a bit of relaxing for us ladies, and mum is keen to head to bed as she has a new book to start!!  Middle aged lady fun for a Caturday night!

Hope you are all having a fun Caturday - found something fun to do?  Eating something nice, doing some relaxing, meeting up with friends, out for a walk?  Whatever you do we hope you enjoy yourselves.


  1. Looking really cool there Poppy!x
    Sunbathing...The sun's out over here to,
    though rain forecast for tomorrow....Typical!
    Lunch time coming up, hope there's something
    dead in the fridge...HeHe! :).
    Then feet up for the FA Cup Final...!

  2. Poppy, dear, we're looking for sunbeams here, too. Like your mum, I sometimes put in extra hours, even on Caturdays. That's when it's time to indulge in something tasty that fits into the microwave! (If there's ham involved, all members of my feline family gather 'round.)

  3. Clouds here too and tomorrow promises rain! Better prod our old girl to be off to the market. Rain or no, we kitties nead our feast.

  4. Poppy that looks like a pawsome sunbeam!

    We is having the cools here today so we're all hanging out in the house, napping and having the occasional cuddle with the mom bean.
    Have a great weekend!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. We got caught in fact drowned in the Wellington rain trying to understand how parking meters work, It was quite a temperature drop from Kapiti to Wellington last night so glad you guys were home nice and dry and warm

  6. Wontons = yummy, Poppy! Summer has arrived up this way. Well, not officially on the calendar, but the weather sure feel like it. :)

  7. You would never know it is almost summer here. Cold, cloudy and rainy. 9 PM 43F