Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Feast Fixing

Mum got home real late tonight, so she was fixing me my feast for dinner at round 8pm.  She has been so tired, that last night she closed her eyes on the couch after dinner, and then woke up with a fright as she was dreaming that she had woken up late in the morning, missing the start of work.  The annoying thing is she is tired between 5pm -7pm and then wide awake til midnight, so sleep for her often occurs between 1am-6am.

So today was up at 6am.  A full and busy day at work finishing late and then off to have some drinks for a girl that was leaving.  Mum was exhausted and the bar was busy, so standing up for another two hours just about did her in.  She only drinks a lemon/lime/bitters drink, so she didn't feel tipsy, but was glad to come home to eat some dumplings and give me a pat.  Now time to post and off to bed, and luckily she doesn't have to get up until 8am tomorrow morning.

Hope you all had a fabulous Friday and are ready for the weekend.


  1. A few hours' sleep a night isn't enough for anyone, Poppy. Our mom wishes she could go to bed for a few hours when she gets home after work, but then she'd be up half the night too!

    Wishing you both a lovely weekend. :-)

  2. ooooO! Dumplings...Lovely! :).
    Just give Mum a BIG cuddle Poppy!x
    And, she'll be so much better..And dream
    nice dreams! Bless!x

  3. Yay for your Mum, coz by 8.00am at least it is daylight, and on Saturday the sun should be shining. Boo for her interrupted sleep.

    Up here on the south end of Tinakori Hill we may or may not have a builder arriving on Sat to install our long awaited new front door - whenever it happens, little round Megs is in for a shock.

    Sending care and warm huggles to you both, Michelle and MegsMegs

  4. Hi there, Poppy! Your poor Mum ... lack of sleep is no fun. We hope you both have a nice -- and restful -- weekend!

  5. Have a great weekend, Poppy! I hope your Mum can fit in some good relaxation time! :)

  6. Mum is yawning like crazy as well tonight. Good thing we have a three day weekend, she gets Monday off.

  7. We hopes you and mum get a good night sleep. Have a great weekend!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. Poppy, dear, I feel great empathy for your mum's startled awakening. It's happened to me, too, so now I set two alarms -- one in a room down the hall.