Monday, May 4, 2015

Poppy Kitten Flashback Photo Monday

Mum found this old flashback photo on the computer tonight.  She does not recommend that you play with amps like this - only under people supervision.  Mum has a steady day at work, she did find it hard to get up at 6.30am this morning, but once the day was under way it was fine.  Work finished and she headed out for a walk, and then a visit to the supermarket for a few essentials, and she was pleased to run into an old colleague and have a chat.

Once home it was Our Kitchen Rules (the Aussie version), and leftovers of mashed potatoes, peas and sausages.  She opened a feast for me, and I headed of to bed at 7pm, and she will join me a few hours later.  Ahh that is the life.  So tonight we relax and get ready to do it all over tomorrow.

We are all waiting to see what the royal princess will be called.  Will it be Victoria or Alice or Alexandra or Charlotte.  Maybe Diana?  We think Emma would be nice too

Hope your Monday went well too.


  1. No! No! Please NOT Diane....Though l expect it'll be in there
    somewhere....! I think they should call her Poppy! So there!x

    Just taking a break from a bit of gardening....Cup of tea, and
    a dough~nut....Well two actually...! :).
    I thought...I wonder if someone lovely has posted....AND..There
    you are Poppy!x Lovely flashback...! Bless!x

    1. Poppy! Just popped up on telly....
      New Princess will be called..Charlotte Elizabeth Diana...

  2. Poppy, dear, that sounds like a very full day for your mum! I'm sure she's glad you're a grown-up lady cat now, who wouldn't claw the electronics. Whatever the new princess is officially named, we might guess that her family will have their own private name for her. We're told the queen was called Lillibet by her sister when they were little girls.

  3. HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge! I like the name. I don't think there has been a princess named Charlotte in the Royal Family for two hundred years. Hurrah!

  4. You were such a cute little kitty Poppy. You are still cute now.

  5. What a lovely picture of you as a wee kitten, Poppy! It made us smile real big. :)

  6. poppy Q, your wee kitten photo is priceless; you look as gorgeous now as you did then....and how FABulous would it be if the new princess were to be named poppy...or dai$y !!! hugs to you girl ♥♥♥

  7. there isn't anything cuter than a fluffy british shorthair looking all clever and naughty at the same time!