Sunday, May 3, 2015

Snoozy Sunday

Mum had a plan A today - get up early and head out for a walk.  Maybe the botanical gardens and take a camera to get pictures of the autumn trees?
Plan B - get up early and go for a walk and see an early showing of a movie.  Maybe see Testatment of Youth?
Plan C - sleep in a bit, finish off reading this book and then go out for a wander.

What do you know - Plan C won out and mum and I got to have a wee snooze in which was nice.  The day was sunny and lovely so mum did go out for a walk in the fresh air.  She is busy listening to podcasts - What you  missed in History class.  Todays talks were on Bela Lugosi - very entertaining!!

Me - I snoozed the day away after a morning dig in the garden.  I kept mum company after she gave me my feast and she made her dinner - sausages, peas and mashed potato and sat next to her on the couch as she called her family for a wee natter.

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday too.


  1. Somehow I figured it would be Plan C - good choice!

  2. ooooO! Bela Lugosi..He's great! Love all those old
    actors..Vincent price, Boris Karlof...Love a bit of horror! :).

    And, l thought Mum would go for plan C. Sunday should
    be a day of rest...Well, it used to be..Does'nt seem to make
    any difference these days! But, l do like a peaceful Sunday
    afternoon...Watching a bit of footy!

  3. Poppy, dear, Plan C seems a wonderful menu of delights. Nothing better than a nice snooze-in!

    Bela Lugosi was a fascinating man, the Rudolf Valentino of his native land when young. Tell your mum to look for The Black Camel on YouTube. It's the oldest surviving Charlie Chan talkie, and it features Mr. Lugosi as a good guy!

  4. I agree - Plan C is the best choice! Sundays already go by so very fast, and when you start packing in lots of activities, it seems to go even faster. And then it's Monday....

  5. Plan C sounds by far the best choice for a Sunday.

  6. Sleepin in are always a good choice!