Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fresh Green

Our little upstairs neighbour has the green fingers - something my mum definitely doesn't have.  There are lots of fresh green things growing, the fennel is particularly spectacular.  All the rain and sunshine we have had lately has made everything grow like crazy lately.

Mum worked another busy shift tonight - so she is trying a little relaxing before heading to bed.  She fixed my feast and talked to me, so I sat on her knee and purred for ten minutes.  Lovely.


  1. No! I don't have green fingers either Poppy!x
    Just the usual 'skin' colour...! :).
    I'm very much into my house plants, outside
    it's just grass and patio, that's how l like it.
    Just been out this morning and cut the grass,
    and trimmed up my Virginia Creeper...That's
    it..Sitting on the patio now, with a lemon tea,
    and a sticky bun...HeHe! Bliss! :>).

  2. Fresh greens growing this late in your season? Nice.

  3. Maybe you can convince your neighbor to grow some nip for you :)

  4. poppy q....hay...may bee de naybor will grow ewe sum cat nip !!! what cha think ?
    hope mum's werk day wuz a slower one but hope ya still got in sum mor
    talk time with her ♥♥♥

  5. That was a nice end to the day to sit on your mum's lap and purr.

  6. My mum is jealous of the neighbour's garden. She just started planting her's this weekend past. But her thumb is not green. Meow from Jessica

  7. Good to purr to help your mum relax. Mum plants flowers, not foods.