Monday, May 25, 2015


Awww these computer woes are annoying mum.  It locked up again tonight, causing us to post too late.  We missed Sunday - hello Monday!!

It was a fine and sunny Sunday here in the city.  The sky was lovely and blue after an initial shower in the morning.  Mum got more washing done and then hit the streets to meet her lovely niece and her friend, and her friends and their children for yum cha.  It was delicious and filling, and so a wander was in order.  It was also nice to walk about and soak up the sun, as our place doesn't get much afternoon sun at this time of year.

Mum was home by 3pm, and caught up on a few shows.  She cooked a Thai Chicken green curry for her tea, and made phone calls to the family.  I got a feast and played a bit of couch wars, as she has stuck a nice woolly blankie on her end of the couch and I do love it so.

Some cold wintry weather arrived this evening, so mum has been glad to leave the couch and now is about to curl up in her cosy bed.  Nite nite everybuddy.


  1. Gone one over here Poppy!x
    Just had lunch...Bunny rabbit...Would you like some! :).
    In the middle of the Monaco Gran Prix at the mo...! Then
    footy at three..Last day of the season...Though l've visitors
    later on...Tea and cake...Well sticky buns actually..! Love
    sticky buns!

    Hope Mum gets the computer sorted...Do what l do.....
    Hit with a hammer...HeHe! :>).
    Bless! Nite! Nite!

  2. You look suitably perturbed about the computer problems, Poppy. We hope your mum can find a resolution to that. Anyway, you both had a great Sunday, it would seem!

  3. We hope your mum can get her computer repaired. We will hate to miss your updates Poppy. We had a lovely day too. I slept on mum's bed and mum went for a walk. Meow from Jessica

  4. Poppy, you definitely do not look happy about that computer!

  5. Good night Poppy and mum. We hope the 'puter problems are solved soon.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. Computers! We love'em and hate 'em at the same time! A woolly blanket sounds lovely.