Saturday, May 2, 2015

Middle Aged Mumster May Caturday

Today was a great middle aged mumster May Caturday special.  The things she loved about today were (in no particular order:

  • A big long photo session with me, that resulted in this being the bestest one where I am almost looking at her.  Please forgive us if all this weeks photos are similar, it was such a good session.
  • The sun shone long enough, and warm enough to get the washing almost dry on the line.  It was a balmy 17 deg C, very good for mid autumn.
  • The bakery had custard squares.  So mum bought one and eat it all.  She did make herself walk home up the hill, twice in one day, so got lots of exercise in.
  • Yippee for watching season 4 of Game of Thrones.  She thought she might have been over it, but once started was hooked again.
  • Finding a new foundation makeup that seems to look ok.  Not too orange like an Oompa Loompa.
  • A great book to read at night and during a spare moment during the day.
  • Fresh sheets on the bed - mum loves that on Caturday.
  • Dinner out for a besties birthday.  Lovely tea - mum had the lamb souvalaki for an entree and then a ragu and pasta or main.  Mmmmmm - meat.
  • Surprising her bestie with a chocolate rasberry cake.  All the waiters and the other tables sung happy birthday.  Mum was laughing so hard she couldn't even see.
  • A little snuggle with me.  Now it is getting colder I like to sit on her knee for 5 minutes, before jumping off.
  • Finding out Kate and William have a little princess, for little prince George to play with - perfect!
Hope you all had a fabulous Caturday and had some fun today too!!


  1. Wonderful Poppy!x Wonderful....What a lovely day!
    And doing ALL those lovely things..!
    And, that photo is rather special of you Poppy!x
    If there's more...Yes! Please! Bless!

    And, yes, Kate and William have a baby girl.
    It's ALL over the telly at the moment, All the
    so called experts giving there opinions!
    Alice and Charlotte are the two favourite names!
    The bookies favourites anyway....
    Diana is on the list to...I hope not!!! Never liked her!

    Oh! Well...Have a lovely weekend...HeHe! I'm off back
    to the footy...!

  2. I think this sounds like a lovely day, for anyone at any age!

  3. We love that photo of you, Poppy! i love to turn my back on mum just as she is about to take the photo. We had a lovely middle-age lady day too. Mum joined in the many special walking tours of our city today as it is Jane's Walk weekend. Mum could tell where a walk was to begin because of the gathering of middle-aged people, just like her. And the lovely news of the new princess. Meow from Jessica