Saturday, May 16, 2015

Autumnal Caturday

It's the end of Caturday here kitties and peoples.  Our day had a bit of autumn chill to it, but the breeze was blowing and some blue skies peeked between the clouds teasing us.  I rolled around on the rug and then went and explored in the garden for a while.

Mum got up at a leisurely pace, had a shower and got herself dressed before wandering into town.  One of her besties had a friend visiting, so the three girls went and had lunch at a cafe with a brunch menu.  Mum had ribs, which were delicious and served with fresh slaw and chutney - yummmmm!!  She then went and watched an awesome band who were busking.  They were four young fellows, 3 playing brass instruments including a fabulous tuba, and another on drums.  They played Royals and Fireworks, and amused all the shoppers in town.

After some window shopping, mum caught a bus to Petone to catch up with another Bestie.  They went for  a walk and then popped into the local pub for a lemon lime and bitters drink and a chat.  Then off to the cinema to see A Royal Night Out, which the girls thought was rather sweet.  Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret get to escape the palace for one night on VE night for a little bit of fun incognito.

After the movies it was time for a bit of Asian spicy noodles and a catch up, before mum headed back into town.  She stopped off at the supermarket on the way home (she has been every day for six days in a row), for a Saturday paper and toilet paper.  Home to fix the feast for me, then she caught up on this weeks Big Bang Theory and Grand Designs - oh Kevin we love to watch you mix concrete in your jaunty scarf.

So friends - hope you all have had some fun today!!  Caught some mice or lazed in the sunbeams!  Have a fun Caturday wherever you are!!


  1. What a fun day Poppy!x
    I di exactly the same as Mum...I go out, shopping, posing,
    generally being rude to people...HeHe! then l stop for a snack,
    then carry on...Great fun, especially on a Caturday! :0).

    Made me laugh...Kevin mixing cement in a jaunty scarf...
    HeHe! We always use a cement mixer,,,! :).

    Well...Must get on Poppy!x It's lunch time now...Just gone
    twelve...Got a few chicken wings, which l'm gonna stir fry
    with a few vegetables...Out on the patio...As the sun's out,
    and quite warm...You both have a lovely weekend now! Bless!x

  2. WOW! Your mum had a very busy day! Hope you weren't starving too much before you finally got your feast.

  3. That was quite an outing your human had, Poppy! It's a good thing she rested up for it.

  4. Your mum was a busy woman! We is getting spring here (finally says mom bean), and it is gray and gloomy as we are supposed to get rain. Us kitties are staying indoors, but the mom bean went for a walk, before she would tippy tap for us.

    Have a great rest of the weekend!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. Sounds like your mum had a busy but enjoyable day.

  6. Poppy, dear, it's nice to see both you middle-aged ladies going out and about to see the sights and taste the delights!

  7. Goodness! That's more adventure than our Mum has had in months!

  8. I had fun with my introoder! Plus mum got a new washy machine.