Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Keeping Cosy

It was a touch chilly in the city last night, with it hitting close to 1 deg C overnight.  For us that is cold, and although mum has kept the living area and bedroom warm, she feels like she is going to the Antarctic when she heads to the bathroom, as it is as cold in there as it is outside.  Tonight mum is on call and so she might sleep with her hoodie and scarf on, just in case she gets called into work.

This is me snuggles at my end of the couch, but as mum is writing this I am pacing the rug in front of her and giving her the evil eye waiting for her to vacate my seat on the couch.

I got the feast for my dinner.  The mumster - well she made a mince/pasta/tomato dish for her dinner.  There are lots of leftovers for her dinner or lunch tomorrow which is fine by her.  She loves leftovers, easy and cheap.  She bought her lunch today - two tiny sandwiches for $6.50 - twice the price of a whole loaf of bread.  There was also a nice morning tea at work to raise some money for Breast Cancer.  Lots of lovely pink cakes, so mum is all sweeted out.  Just a banana for supper tonight.


  1. 1C IS chilly, especially when you live somewhere that doesn't have/need central heat.

    Our human loves leftovers too, they're easy to take for work lunches. Alas, she hasn't any for today!

  2. ooooO! Pink cakes Poppy!x Lovely!
    HaHa! The couch wars continue then...
    Keep at it Poppy!x I can see a TV series
    coming out of this...."Now! From New Zealand".
    'The Couch Potato Wars'. starring....!!!! :).

  3. poppy q....we haz been off line fora few....

    sew...de couch warz continmew hay....

    itz time ta bring out de big gunz az they say in de mewvies N while we due knot watch mewvies we due knot think thiz meenz ya knead a troo weapon,

    but if ya can find sum thin that will total lee freek out mum N put it at YUR end oh de couch......well, ther ya go..

    poppy q = 87,099

    mum = 3

  4. We has central heating, so we can't imagine rooms that are as cool as outside Poppy! We feel sorry for your mom.

    Have a good night and stay warm!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. Keep warm Poppy! We are having a very warm day today but the other night it was down to 0 degrees so we still have all our winter blankets on our bed. And the little heater at the ready. Meow from Jessica

  6. Mum takes her lunch to work as well. To expensive to eat out everyday and they don't serve food where she works.

    Mum could not take a cold bathroom, just no.