Sunday, May 17, 2015

Slow Sunday

Mum was so pleased to be able to have two days over the weekend.  She did wake up at 8am, and as the clouds were shifting about she decided to head off for a walk and then go and see an early morning movie.  Two in a weekend - what a luxury.  She went and saw Testament of Youth which she thought was lovely, although sad, as most WWI movies are.  She was surprised to see another 5 people there, all with the same idea.

After more window shopping, a quick return home, reading her book, having a nap, ring the family,  watch some tele, wash some clothes, do some tidying and relax before bed again.  Me - I have snoozed slowly all day barely leaving my end of the couch.

Hope you all got plenty of relaxing done too.


  1. Slow Sundays are great, Poppy. We have an extra day this week, as Monday is Victoria Day here in Canada.

    As for movies in the morning--really? Wow. Can't do that here! That's pretty cool.

    Have a lovely day!

  2. Poppy, dear, movies in the morning seems an excellent idea! You look very content on your end of the couch -- so glad you and your mum have settled the Great Couch Debate.

  3. Well...I've had a busy Sunday, so far. Just got home,
    putting the shopping away, and getting the dinner on.
    It's gone twelve now! So dinner will be ready in an hour,
    or is it lunch...Never mind...It's feeding time! :).
    Then footy time...Bliss!

  4. Love window shopping! Don't have to try it on, wonder about where to put it or worry about how to pay for it. Your mum always does enjoyable things.
    Your couch is custom coloured for you, Poppy.

  5. It sounds like a very relaxing day, Poppy! I've been doing a cat show this weekend, so it has been busy here!

  6. You look furry relaxed Poppy! We is chilling today too, Sami on the couch and the boy kitties on the mom bean's bed.

    Hope you and mum have a great week ahead.
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  7. We are having a nice weekend too, but not as action-packed as your mum's weekend. I did lots of lazing around and mum got her garden going but now kicking herself as there are some more cold nights ahead. Meow from Jessica

  8. No moovies here, but pizza with a furiend, washing, cleaning, napping.

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