Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Double Scratcher

Mum found my other scratcher while she was digging through the winter clothes.  So now I have two to choose from, and I do love to sit on them, and usually when mum arrives home she finds me perched here.

We had a crazy thunder/lightening/rain storm from midnight last night to midday today, so the garden won't need watering for a long long time.  Just what the farmrers may have needed.  Instead of staying inside last night when it started I ran outside, and it was a good half an hour before I ran back inside.  I was glad to be able to sleep up on mums bed for the rest of the night.  She has glad that she washed the merino jumpers at the weekend, as it has a touch of winter starting as the evenings are getting cooler.

Prince Harry had been charming them down in Christchurch, and stopping to visit with lots of the public.  Tomorrow he visits our army base to meet and greet some of our forces.  They are also going to teach him a haka - so I am sure that will be all over the news (a haka is a Maori war dance).

Poor Nepal - we heard that there was another large earthquake tonight.  Poor people.


  1. Two scratchers are always better than one! How awful for the people of Nepal to have another big earthquake right now. :-(

  2. ooooO! Who's a lucky Puddy~Tat....Two scratchers...!
    And, l see, l lovely big telly to watch to! :).

  3. Poppy, dear, it's lovely to see you inside, safe and dry -- would that we could magically 'wish' the Nepalese in better circumstances as well. But did you enjoy being outside for that half-hour when the storm began, sniffing that fresh air? Sometimes it does feel good to run and jump: HRH Harry will certainly have fun learning the haka!

  4. Awesome scratchers, Poppy! I learned all about the Haka a couple of years ago when husband and I watched the Rugby World Cup. It's cool, I think. And the players looked so fierce when they did it!

    I too am deeply saddened by the earthquakes in Nepal..

  5. poppy Q....noe matter what scratch er ewe perch on, ewe will still be gorgeouz.... ♥♥ hope de rains haz helped out; spesh a lee de farmerz & it iz veree veree sad bout nepal ~~~~~~

  6. It is very sad for the people of Nepal. You are lucky to have 2 scratchers you can sit on.

  7. Won't Harry come to see you? Good for the rain, sad about the earth shaking again. Too many people in peril.