Saturday, May 23, 2015

Caturday Spaz

Mum was wondering if "spaz" was a kiwi term - sort of like throwing a hissy fit, describes it well enough.  It wasn't her spazzing out, and as you can see in the photo I am cool as a cucumber, even if I am lying in the compost patch soaking up the Caturday sunbeams.    Alas our little laptop is sending signals that it is soon for hospice care, going to the great E dump in the sky.  It went all loopy and would not switch on, and mum had to plead with it for thirty minutes before it finally loaded anything.

Caturday at our little Chez was pretty good.  A leisurely sleep in, and then mum got some washing done and sheets out on the line.  It was cloudy and a cool 12 deg C, but enough to get them dry over 7 hours outside.  She then headed out to meet a bestie, so that they could eat a yummy lunch and moan about having to go  to work.  Then she forgot to get a lotto ticket, so I guess she will be working this week anyway.

A wander round the shops window shopping, then mum popped into the library, but had forgotten her card so couldn't take out anything or pay her fines.  So home for tea - a feast for me, and baked beans on toast for her.

The autumn chill is creeping in, as a large Southerly Antarctic chill climbs up our little country, so all the quilts are piled up on the bed.  I am still camping in the lounge, but mum knows that this will soon change as the temperatures are dropping.  So now as it nears midnight, mum has her book at the ready and is enjoying the fresh winter sheets on the bed.

Hope you all had a lovely Caturday with lots of fun!!


  1. You look not only cool as cucumber Poppy!x
    But a carrot as well...mmmmM! Are carrots cool..! :).

    I got my lotto ticket this morn'in....I was telling Julie,
    at 'mythreadbearlife' if l win a million or two...I'm gonna
    jump on a plane, and fly to N/Zealand, Canada, even
    Wales...And shake paws with all the pussy~cats l follow
    on line...Would'nt that be great...Got to win the lotto first,
    don't start getting to excited....HeHe! Bless!

  2. My human has heard the word spazz since she was a youngster, so it must be worldwide (or at least the English speaking parts). Too bad about your computer . :-(

  3. you must of said the right words to your computer to get it going again - our one was just plain stubborn and refused to start again. It is still taking me awhile to get around my new one - so I suppose it is computer shopping for you. Cold up here too.

  4. Our laptop dies awhile back too. Along with our TV. Technology! I just shake my head. It is cold here too. O degrees overnight and all the humans worried about their gardens. Keep warm, from Jessica

  5. Poppy, dear, may I send stay-well wishes to your mum's laptop, and sincere hopes that she's got a nice back-up disk with all her precious data saved! Perhaps there's a local geek squad that makes house calls...?

  6. Sorry you are having problems with your computer. I know how un-nerving and frustrating this can be.

    Check out my cat blog for archived stories about the abandoned/feral cat colony I manage.

  7. We did have a good day, mum planted stuff, did other chores and made a nice dinner.