Thursday, May 14, 2015


After a long dry summer, the end of autumn has been rather wet.  We had a day last week, where the rain was so thick and hard, mum hadn't seen it pour like that in years.  Then this week, there was thunder and lightening and it had not stopped raining for three days.  Wearing her jacket this morning, the wind held off enough that mum could take her umbrella, so she quite enjoyed her little stroll in.  The persistent rain though was causing problems in our city with lots of flooding and roads being closed by slips, with many of her colleagues faced with long commutes home or having to stay in town.  We also have a lot of rain forecast for the weekend.  Luckily where we are we are not affected, as we are on the side of a rather secure hill, and do not get flooded in.

I had spent the week fighting with mum.  You see I wanted her spot on the couch.  Each time she left, I jumped up and then growled at her when she made me move.  She made sure the other end of the couch was clear - but I did not want that end.  I wanted her spot.  She put a nice fleecy blankie at that end.  I did not want that end.  Til last night.  Then I moved to the other end of the couch.  And I stayed all evening.  Then I stayed all night, and all tonight.  So mum is happy.


  1. I know how you feel. I like my end of the couch, next to the arm. Mom likes to sit next to the arm, but I do not like to move. I do NOT want the other end. Mom usually scoots over for me, and I can sit between her and the arm of the couch. That makes me happy. Mom, not so much. Enjoy your rain, and be happy it isn't snow.

  2. Is'nt there a pussy~cat help line number you could ring Poppy!x
    You could phone a tell them your having problems with a couch
    potato...! HeHe! :0).

    Bit windy over here as well Poppy!x Though the silly man on the
    telly says it's gonna be nice tomorrow! :).

  3. poppy q...we hope de flooding haz stopped, thatz never fun....N we iz happee ewe winned de battle with mum.....sure, let her thinks a few times her winz...but we noe N ewe noe de score iz:
    poppy Q......315,489,099,366

  4. Bribes made of fleece are always good! Especially in wet weather.

  5. Goodness that sounds like a lot of rain to us Poppy! We hopes the flooding stops soon.

    You're a very sweet girl to give up your favorite end of the couch for the mum. Have a great weekend!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. We hope you and your mum stay safe and dry poppy. Maybe mum could buy a heating pad for the spot on the couch she is not sitting on then you will both have a warm spot. The cold has come back and mum had to drag out her space heater from the cupboard. Meow from Jessica

  7. I've been doing that to mum too. She gets up and I move in. But she comes back and tries to sit on me. I MOVE! I don't want to get all squished.