Friday, May 1, 2015


Sorry we were M.I,A yesterday, but just as mum was about to sit down and write about our day, she got a phone call to go back into work.  The good thing, was that there was another one earlier this morning too, which meant that she got to have Friday off.  After 3 hours sleep though, she felt a bit of a zombie, but managed to get a load of washing done, and to go and meet Miss Belle.

 They went to a very hipster cafe, but at least mum was not the oldest one there.  The girls had a milkshake and a good old chat, and mum was able to drop off her winter scarf that her brother had delivered for her.  Winter is coming, so scarves and gloves are important.

So now mum is hoping her body clock will let her sleep tonight, as sometimes when she is over tired, it is a bit like jet lag and likes to wake her up at crazy hours.  Me - I have no trouble with the napping.

Hope you all get lots of zzzzzzzzzzzzs and are ready for the weekend.


  1. I know how Mum feels Poppy!x
    HeHe! Like a Zombie...! Still, hope she gets a good nights
    sleep...on the pillow she finds the best! Well, she has got
    nine of them...! :).

    And, l see your giving mousie a cuddle...Bless!x

  2. We hope you both have a restful weekend, Poppy, and that your mum doesn't get called back to work again, once she's home!

  3. Ah, to be a cat and able to sleep anywhere, at any time.

  4. I hope your human gets some rest - being on call can be brutal sometimes!

  5. Poppy, dear, you set such a good example for us working ladies who need to learn how to nap! Ah, ommmmmm.

  6. I hope your mum gets a restful weekend Poppy. I am sure you will.