Sunday, November 23, 2014

Looking at Me!!

Here is me looking at me!!  Miss Belle made mum a card when it was her birthday (a few weeks ago), and she put this lovely picture in it of me and my teddy bear at our old house.  I was just a kitten, and now I am a grown up cat!

Mum was lucky last night, as she got to sleep for a good 7 hours before getting called in at 6am.  She would have got more sleep if i hadn't of woken her at 5.05am, 5.10, 5.15,5.25 and finally 5.30am to tell her that there were no biscuits in my bowl, before heading outside to sulk as the sun came up.  It was good for her to have an early start, as she was able to head straight out and do some jobs at 8am when the call was finished.  Not so sure the shoppers appreciated her bed head and probably smeared mascara, but mum didn't care.  She came home and took it easy and tried to do some chores and odd jobs.  She resisted having a nap, as she needs to try and get her sleep back into a better pattern for the week ahead.  She went back to work tonight, but is home now at 10:55 and will head to bed with her book soon.

After finishing at 10:30 mum zipped to the supermarket on the way home, as it is at the end of the street.  It is quiet at that time, although the shelves were a bit bare, mum was glad she popped in as the dishwashing liquid was on special and mangos were 2 for $3, and pineapples were $3.50 so mum stocked up on them and some pears and bananas.  So lots of fruit for her for the next couple of days.

Sweet sleeps everybuddy!!


  1. What a lovely photo Poppy!x
    Mum ought to put it on the side~bar, here on your Blog!

    I've just got back from the super~dupper~market! Bought some bit's and pieces, only if the price was right! Strange how food prices change from week to week! Always up...Never down. Oh! Well, time for a cup of tea and a sticky bun!
    Sleep tight!x

  2. Poppy, dear, we working ladies are still hunters and gatherers --like your wild cat ancestors. Now we check supermarket bins for produce on sale, rather than trees for ripened fruit. And if we can sneak up on a small steak at a good price, we pounce!

  3. Mom and I have always loved that picture of you Miss Poppy. We know that you are on your Gizzy quilt, which makes it even better!

  4. How nice to have a birthday card with a picture of YOU on it, Poppy. Have a wonderful week.

  5. What a sweet card.
    But then, you are a sweet kitty :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  6. What an adorable photo, Poppy - it makes a great card!

  7. What a beautiful card for your Mum. Poppy. You are a perfect kitty-cat. :) Yup, our two kitties wake us up here in the mornings too. Several times, in fact, until we get the message that it is FOOD TIME. lol

  8. Mum sometimes goes out with no makekup and maybe her hair less than purrfect. She says she isn't trying to impress anyone.

  9. Lovely card. Very thoughtful and surely much appreciated.
    We kitties always look perfect any time of the day. Our beans, not so much.