Sunday, November 30, 2014

Speedy Sunday

Sundays go by so fast don't they?  Us girls had a little old sleep in today and then mum headed out for a wander.  She has bought new  summer birkenstocks and as usual they made her foot ache after a bit of a long old walk.  She managed to find a nice summer scarf on sale and got a mminiatureChristmas tree for a bit of the festive spirit.  She enjoyed her fresh airs and I enjoyed my snoozing at home.  Can you believe that December starts tomorrow?

Hope you all had a fabulous Sunday too.


  1. I have a miniature tree to Poppy!x
    And, l always put out the crib, with the baby Jesus. It's the same crib l had as a boy! So, it's quite old now!
    But, it looks nice all set up.
    I do love Christmas!x

  2. We're glad you both had a good Sunday, Poppy. No, we can't believe tomorrow (tomorrow for us) is December 1st. It seems like it was just December (2013). The older we get, the faster time seems to pass! :-)

    Have a good week, both of you.

  3. Poppy, dear, if I had your claws I'd hang on tight to this planet we're riding. It spins faster every year! Your mum inspires me to get out my own mini tree (and see if the toms are old enough to ignore it this season).

  4. Poppy Q - so good to check in and see you are well. I agree - how on earth its it December tomorrow?

    Its a year i'm looking forward to putting behind me, lucky I had Chucky chesse the chunky british blue to keep me company, couldn't have done it without him xxxx

  5. My human says time is going too fast this year! She wishes it would slow down because I don't have much kittenhood left and my human wants to enjoy it more.

  6. Lovely Sunday Poppy with a snuggle with mum! We is snoopervising the decoration of the Christmas tree this morning so it's time for a nap.

    Have a great week!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  7. We are gettin ready to supervise da Christmas decoratin too.

  8. We had a nice day and yeah, December! That means Christmouse will be here soon.

  9. It must be nearly summer if your Mum has her Birks on!