Sunday, November 2, 2014

Inside Sunday

Boy it was a bit blowy here today, with the wind roaring across the city.  Mum pulled out the merino jumper and scarf today, while her family up north were complaining about how hot they were.  We love spring.

Mum met some great friends for a lovely yum cha lunch.  They had tried for sushi and some Japanese treats, but it seemed that all of those places are shut on a Sunday lunch time.  So dumplings and rice it was, which was rather tasty, although mum says you always manage to eat that one too many and end up feeling full.

A supermarket stop was in order too, but mum didn't feel like much so she got some bread and some bananas and a whole lot of toilet paper.  So a quiet afternoon at home, a little nap on the bed for both of us and then an early dinner.  I have taken myself off to bed at 7pm leaving mum to watch some television and catch up with some blogs before bed.  Sunday night sleeping is never easy for her, as she knows she has to get up to the dreaded alarm clock in the morning.

Hope you have all had a nice Sunday and are taking it easy too.


  1. It's wet and windy over here to Poppy!x
    Just had my breaky...Few things to do, then off to the supermarket, for a bit of shopping!
    Settle down after lunch, for a bit of footy, hopefully, no visitors...But! I expect there will be...!
    Have a lovely snooooooze!

  2. Poppy, dear, it's very early Sunday morning here in the States. This is the night/day we re-set our clocks after 'saving daylight' all summer, so we can't sleep either. No, it doesn't make sense to my feline family either...they prefer meals to be timely. And, yes, TP, bread and bananas are the essentials IF one has cat cans and litter on hand.

  3. LOL @ the tp. We could always send you some, we're well-stocked now. :-D

    Reading Beth's comment: Yeah, the switch back to standard time is supposed to mean an extra hour of sleep, but it meant Nicki had to work extra hard to get the human up at 3AM (old time 4AM) to feed us!

    It's probably late Sunday night or early Monday AM where you are, so we hope you and your mum have a good week!

  4. We had some nice days during the week but the weather turned cold and wet over the weekend. I'm glad your back to blog land we missed you too. We may not always comment but we do read xx

  5. It sounds like both of you had a very pleasant Sunday, Poppy!

  6. So its back to work for you today, always hard after a holiday but someone has to work so Poppy Q can have her fancy feast

  7. It sounds like, all in all, you and Mum had a nice Sunday, Poppy. :)

    Big hugs to you both!

  8. Mommy says lunch sounds delish! Poppy, tell your Mum that our Daddy orders (on line!) toilet paper by the CASE--that's right--144 rolls at a time. We have a special shelf in the garage, LOL.

  9. Gee mum always sleeps good on Sunday. Maybe cuz she is so bizzy during the weekend and gets all tired.

    Plus our time changed, so she doesn't have to get up in the dark now.