Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Disaster Dreams

This is one of the views coming round the harbour into our city, that mum took a few years ago on a lovely sunny day.  Needless to say it was blowing a gale today, and not a day for walking.  Mum woke up having what she calls a disaster dream.  You know, like the big scale action movies, all the hills shaking, cracks in the road type dreams.  Hers was that she had to get up high, away from the low areas, so it must have been an earthquake/tsunami dream.  I wasn't with her and she was scrambling to get to higher ground.  Luckily, our city is surrounded by high hills, so in reality it might not be such an issue.

Mum had been thinking about watching Noah the movie - maybe that brought it on?

Do your folks ever have disaster dreams?


  1. HeHe! I dreamt once that l was eating a giant Marshmallow Poppy!x
    When l woke up...One of my pillows was missing....!!! :>).

  2. Poppy, dear, having disaster dreams is how people think about "what to do IF..." Here in the American Midwest we have floods, chemical spills, police lock downs, all sorts of awful stuff. So. My car is always packed with an emergency kit for evacuation which includes all 4 cats' vaccination certificates, cat harnesses with tags, cat food, and temporary litter boxes.
    All I need to do is grab the cats, put them in their carriers, and GO!

  3. poppy Q.....thatz an awesum view yur city haz....we could hope ta see az nice...N frank lee de food serviss gurl says her haza reel time disaster dreem everee day her iz at werk....!!

  4. That is a beautiful view Poppy. My mum used to get really vivid dreams that something awful was going to happen when she was younger. Very often my dad would wake up with her trying to pull him out of bed before something happened. Once she was trying to hold the wardrobe up because she thought it was the electric pylon and it was going to fall on them. He would tell her she had been dreaming and then she felt silly. It hasn't happened for probably 30 years now.

  5. I never have bad dreams. They are usually just interesting, or curious. Last night in my dream, a little girl said that I looked like a doily.