Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Gentle Start

   Here I am at my sentry post - staring through the fence into a little window that mum thinks goes to the neighbours kitchen.   She knows the neighbour as he is a senior man that works at mums work.  He told her that he was able to buy the house for $17,000 30 years ago.  Houses like his are now worth 30 times that amount, even though his is small like ours and quite run down without any fancy renovations done to it, no parking and tricky access.  Mum is sure that he doesn't mind me spying on him.

It has been a gentle start to the week of work.  Mum has stocked up with lots of groceries and has been making some healthy dinners and taking lots of fruit to have with a sandwich for her lunch.  This time of year and the markets and supermarkets are full of lovely spring fruit and the tail end of pears and apples.  She has made a big bowl of chicken, vegetable and chilli noodles for dinner earlier in the week, and tomorrow morning will cook a pasta dish to last for the next couple of nights shift.  Mum finds it easier to cook only a couple of nights a week, making enough to last two evenings and some leftovers for lunch.  At work there is a staff room where they all eat together, with most people bringing their own lunches from home.

Me I am happy having my fancy feast every night.  Tonight mine was eaten by 6pm, and then I was in bed with a full tummy by 6.30pm ready for my 14 hour sleeps.  Mum will join me at midnight, read a little while and maybe watch an episode of something on her tablet.  Luckily we can sleep in a bit later tomorrow morning so we should get in a good 7-8 hours of sleeping for her.

Sweet dreams friends.


  1. I must say Poppy!x That besides reading and seeing your lovely photos, l do like Mums menu, with food...So, much so, that after a little read, l go off downstairs and raid the fridge...HeHe!
    At the moment, there's a couple of sausage rolls in there! So as soon and l finish writing this...It's off to the fridge! :).

    "Why did the sausage roll...?
    Because he saw the apple~turnover".

  2. Poppy, dear, I'm sure the neighbor sometimes sees your bright eyes watching him at his sink and thinks: "furry little angel, watching over me."

  3. A "gentle" start is a good start! We hope the rest of the week continues in that manner.

    P.S. Could your mum please cook for our human? ::Wistful sigh::

  4. Poppy, we like to do some spying as well!


  5. It's important to watch out for your neighbors, Poppy!

  6. sweet dreemz two ewe az well poppy Q...N we bet de naybor enjoys yur companee...trooth bee told ..when he looks over N seez ya !! ♥♥♥

  7. I don't think I could go 14 hours of sleepin wifout foodables.

  8. Poppy, how nice that you and Mum have had a gentle start to the week. :)

    We bet your neighbor likes knowing that you are watching out for him.


  9. I think you are just making sure your neighbour is safe. It is hard coming back to work after a holiday. The lake and mountains in your mum's photos look like the perfect holiday spot. Meow from Jessica