Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fun Sunday

Well friends it is a lovely sunny Sunday here - even quite warm in the sun. I got to play with mum this morning in the front of the house. She was waiting for her friends A & P to come over with their two lovely boys Tai and Finn. Tai was three years old this week - happy birthday Tai!! Finn is just a baby - he hasn't had any birthdays yet. So when they arrived I ran away as all clever cats should.

So mum got stolen away by them and they went to a Cat show! Mum said there were lots of cats there. One looked like Dragon heart and he won a prize. Mum thinks he won a prize for the best of the no-haired cats. He had pretty eyes and mum got to pat him.

She said there were lots of british shorthair cats there and a couple looked like me! Two of them were even my relatives as mum said hello to my breeder, who was visiting and showing a couple of my family. I hope they win the best prizes - they the best looking there.

My mum bought me a present too! Can you see it in the photos? I have left green feathers all over mums bed.

And best of all - it is steak night!!! Yippeeeeeeeeee !!!

Poppy Q


  1. How come you didn't go to the cat show? I bet you would have won a prize.

  2. I agree, you should have gotten a prize.

  3. Cat shows are very fun. I think you were very nice not to go to the show, because you would have won all of the prizes. This way, some prizes are left for other cats.

  4. That is very cool that your mom went to a cat show. You are so beautiful I'm sure you would have won a prize if you had gone.

    Your present looks great! Feathers are so much fun to play with. :)

  5. Ooooh feather toy! I love feather toys!


  6. Yoo gots steak too?! Yuuuummmy! Friday night was steak night for us.