Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hello family!!

Well mum let her family know about the blog on Friday nite. She has a little family and loves them all and they try not to have any secrets. She told the belle (her niece) and the bud (her nephew) and their mum and dad.

They told the G'dad (mums dad) at the weekend. He has now officially put mum in the mad cat owners group. He now thinks she is on the slippery slope towards having thirty cats and only having a shower once a year.

So hello family. This is me snuggling up to the belle. I don't do this with mum only the kids. See how small I am - I was only a baby when the belle came to visit me.

Question to the bloggers!! Are you anonymous or does your family/friends know?
Poppy Q


  1. Well are grandparents don't use the internets so they wouldn't know what a blog is, most of momma's friends know and they don't care because momma is crazy period without the cat part.

  2. The belle is very beautiful! My Grandma (my Mommie's mom) knows about my blog and she visits me all the time. She lives in another state, so I do not get to see her very much. My Uncles know about my blog, but they don't even care!

  3. You have been tagged, check out our blog!

  4. Not only does our family know, some of them blog too and our Grandma loves it because she knows more about what we're doing now than she did before!

  5. Not only does our fambly know but so does our minister and most of da naybors.

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