Thursday, June 7, 2007

Seven things.

We have been tagged to tell you seven things about us.

1. Poppy was a nickname for Puss - mums cat before me. She was very sick before she died and mum would call her "her little poppet" and pat her which would make her purr.

2. Poppies was also the name of a cafe that G'dad and nana B ran for many years.

3. I don't really like human food but you better be prepared to let me come and sniff what you are eating anyway. Just in case - you might be eating my biscuits.

4. Mum had to choose between me and my sister at the breeders. We looked so alike she couldn't decide (we were only five weeks old), so mum let the nice breeder lady choose. She made a great choice.

5. I am a good girl and don't scratch or bite. However if you pick me up I will wormy squirmy until you let me down. Nice breeder lady said we like our feet on the ground, we are not pick up and cuddle cats.

6. She also said we are not lap cats! Mum is training me to come and sit on her lap. If I come and jump up and sit down, she will give me special cat treats. I use my paw to pull her hand down (being very careful to hold my claws in) and I let her put the biscuits in my mouth between my very sharp teeth.

7. Sometimes I forget about biscuits and just sit on mums knee for a wee cuddle. Not very often but it has happened.

Poppy Q


  1. The wormy, squirmy thing to be put down isn't limited to British shorthairs. I've known a few American cats who do the same thing. Being a lap kitty is fun. I'm glad you are trying it out.

  2. Stella is a Professional Lap Cat. She could help you get used to it more! Loved learning about you Poppy Q!!!

  3. You are very good not to scratch or bite. I am afraid that I give the bitey all the time. But I do love to sit in laps. I get very very relaxed and fall deeply asleep and sometimes I almost fall off!

  4. Laps can be reely good. It's reely good of yoo not to scratch or bite. Zippy bites, alot. She's cranky so yoo must be happy.

  5. Poppy a lap is always a gr8 place 2 b....My mombean wood luf 2 have u in her lap:)
    I wood get jelloeus...but not bite:)
    Luf Miss Peach >(^,^)<